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Guida /

Time Artist Track Album
Bolt Thrower Last Stand of Humanty Those Once Loyal
Bolt Thrower Dark Millenium Realm of Chaos
Nailbomb Wasting Away Point Blank
Ghoul Tracks 4-5 We Came for the Dead!
Venom Black Metal Black Metal
Demilich Inherited Bowel Levitation - Reduced Without Any Effort Nespithe
Impiety Iron Flames of Hate Skullfucking Armageddon
Blasphemy Nocturnal Slayer Gods of War
Blasphemy Demoniac Fallen Angel of Doom
Malignant Christ Esoterica Shrine of the Dismembered
Cannibal Corpse Pounded into Dust Bloodthirst
The Ziggurat The Plague of the Palid Mask Blacksburg Promo
Dismember Where No Ghost is Holy The God That Never Was
Gorguts Subtle Body Obscura
Vital Remains Born to Rape the World Icons of Evil
Death Collage Death Collage Death Collage
King Diamond Christmas The Puppet Master
Venom Buried Alive Black Metal
Venom Raise the Dead Black Metal
Bastard Priest Visions of Doom Under the Hammer of Destruction
Impaled Nazarene Tentacles of the Octagon Road to the Octagon
Dragged into Sunlight Boiled Angel / Buried with Leeches Hatred for Mankind
Dragged into Sunlight Volcanic Birth Hatred for Mankind