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Time Artist Track Album
Q. Lazzarus Goodbye Horses (extended mix) Goodbye Horses
Austra Darken Her Horse Feel It Break
Austra Lose It (Diamond Rings Remix) Remix Rainbow Part Two
Diamond Rings Something Else Special Affections
Matthew Dear Shortwave Black City
Paris Suit Yourself Decadanse My Main shitstain
Growing Green Flag All the Way
Nine Inch Nails Head Like Hole Pretty Hate Machine
Joy Division Transmission Still
Bauhaus Spirit Singles 1981-83
Primal Scream Sometimes I Feel So Lonely Riot City Blues
The Stone Roses Breaking Into Heaven Second Coming
Gang Gang Dance Glass Jar Eye Contact
John Cale Summer Heat New York in the 60s Sampler
The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat White Light/White Heat
Gutbucket I Am Jelly Doughnut (Or a Commentary on U.S. German Relations Post WWII) A Modest Proposal
Gutbucket Fuck You and Your Hipster Tie Flock
Isotope 217 Moonlex / Kidtronix Who Stole the I Walkman?
Nurse With Wound Cooloorta Moon Cooloorta Moon
Sacred Cows Girl Manifestations EP
Skeletons Vs Sobanza Mimanisa Unstuck Tradi Vs Mods
Art Ensemble of Chicago There's A Message For You Sirius Calling
Charles Mingus Haitian Fight Song Live at Montreux
Subarachnoid Space Hunter Seeker Eight Bells
Bola Klunk Ikebana
Sonic Youth Audience Anthology of Noise