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Time Artist Track Album
Disney He's A Tramp / Peggy Lee Classic Disney Volume V
Louis Armstrong The Bare Necessities Disney Songs the Satchmo Way
Wee Hairy Beasties Eat Your Greens PSA Holidays Gone Crazy
Jim Henson Finale: The Magic Store The Muppet Movie
Sandra Boynton Meryl Streep / Nobody Understands Me Philadelphia Chickens
Anne Dodson Waiting for the Lark Almost Grown
Peter Alsop Little Cookie Take Me With You!
Richard Dyer-Bennet The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington Volume 2
Maria Muldaur Put on a Happy Face On the Sunny Side
Sally Rogers Ride, Ride, Ranke At Quiet O'Clock
Theresa Dissuno, D.V.M. Go Doggie Go Easy Time
Richard Dyer-Bennet Old Bangum Dyer-Bennet 06
Teletubbies Jumping For Fun Teletubbies: The Album
Rock & Roll Dad and the MammaJammaz PB&J Ready to Roll
Mike Cross 'Til the Weather Clears Up Michael's Magic Music Box
Yo Gabba Gabba Of Montreal - Brush Brush Brush Music is... Awesome!
Timmy Abell One World Family Play All Day
Bill Harley If You're Gonna Be A Grub You're In Trouble
Daria I Have a Dream I Have a Dream
Doug Barr featuring The Big Boy Band Happy Somebody Loves Ya!
Dinorock Tina Titanosaurus Tango, The Dreamosaurus
Mr. Richard Tummy Talk Tummy Talk
Papa John Allee The Worm Song For All the Children
Not Exactly Lobsters The Life of a Telephone Not Exactly Lobsters
Oscar Brand Cat Rap I Love Cats
Susie Burke Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes
Sharon, Lois & Bram Sarah the Whale Happy Birthday
Carly Smon & James Taylor Mockingbird Every Child Deserves A Lifetim
Jerry Nelson Frog Struggle Song Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
Big Jeff A New Way To Say Hello Exercise Party
Joe West If the World Was Upside Down If the World Was Upside Down
Al Simmons The Never Ending Road Earth, Moon, And Stars
The Singing Kettle Five Wee Monkeys Singalong Songs from Scotland