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Vassia /

Time Artist Track Album
Aosoth I III
Circle of Dead Children Ursa Major Psalm of the Grand Destroyer
Disgorge (mex) The Vile Sores in Urticariothrocisism Goulashed Decrepitance Chronic Corpora Infest
Blood Freak Mindscraper Mindscraper
Bloodgasm Peeled Like a Pig Bloodgasm
Bloodgasm Into the Void (Black Sabbath cover) Bloodgasm
Methadone Abortion Clinic Dildozer Split with Screaming Afterbirth
Screaming Afterbirth High on STDs Split with Methadone Abortion Clinic
Coathanger Abortion Slowly Rotting Away Dying Breed
Malignancy Vaginal Incisors Modivated By Hunger
Dysrhythmia Room of Vertigo Psychic Maps
Exhorder Into the Void (Black Sabbath) The Law
Vio-Lence Serial Killer Eternal Nightmare
Sodom Blasphemer Mortal way of Live
Mortician Deranged Insanity Hacked Up For Barbecue
Immolation Despondent Souls Dawn of Possession
Gorguts Unearthing the Past From Wisdom to Hate
Gigan Chrysalis The Order of the False Eye
Death To Forgive is To Suffer The Sound of Perseverance
Diabolic From the Astral Plane... Entwined with Infinity Infinity Through Purification
Convulse False Religion World Without God
Nokturnal Mortum On the Moonlight Path To The Gates of Blasphemous Fire
Drawn and Quartered Machete Bloodbath To Kill is Human
Blasphemy Fallen Angel of Doom Fallen Angel of Doom
Setherial Hell Eternal Hell Eternal
Reincarnation Antehms of Hatzed Void
Desultory Depression Into Eternity
Thou Shalt Suffer Painful Void of Time / Spectral Prophecy Into the Woods of Belial
Hooded Menace As the Creatures Ascend Never Cross the Dead
Baroness Wanderlust The Red Album
Salome Epidemic Terminal
Bongripper Worship Satan Worshipping Doom