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Chris Kitchen /

Time Artist Track Album
Taxicab Racers In Mind Hunter/Begger
Memory Tapes Wait In The Dark Player Piano
Beirut East Harlem The Rip Tide
Wilco At Least That's What You Said A Ghost is Born
Fruit Bats Picture Of A Bird Tripper
Nickel Creek Jealous of the Moon Why Should the Fire Die?
Tasseomancy Diana Ulalume
Release the Sunbird We'll Begin Tomorrow Come Back to Us
Wiretree Brokenfoot Make Up
Pepper Rabbit Tiny Fingers Red Velvet Snow Ball
Boy With A Fish Butter I Put My Tongue On The Window
Cut Off Your Hands Yo Should Do Better Hollow
Cat Power I Found A Reason The Covers Record
Yellow Ostrich HAHAHAOHHOHO The Mistress
Dead Trees Slow Faze Fast Whatwave
Little Gold Half The Time Weird Freedom
An Isotope Still Pale Glass Bridges
Cymbals Eat Guitars Secret Family Lenses Alien
Local Natives Who Knows Who Cares Gorilla Manor
The Velvet Underground Rock & Roll Loaded
Dom Telephone Family of Love
Collections of Colonies of Bees Vorm Giving
Mister Heavenly Harm You Out of Love
Sleeping in the Aviary Love Police You and Me, Ghost
Eleanor Friedberger Heaven Last Summer
The Decemberists The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid The Hazards of Love
The Mercury Program Slightly Drifting A Data Learn The Language