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Time Artist Track Album
Maria Muldaur At The Codfish Ball Animal Crackers
Teletubbies Jumping For Fun Teletubbies: The Album
Ella Jenkins Day-o Sharing Cultures
Patty Silversher Tale Spin Theme The Disney Afternoon
Morlunah and Nico Gomez Vamos al Caribe World Party - Music for Little Peop
Arthur and Friends I Can't Snap My Fingers Arthur's Really Rockin' Music
Peter Alsop Aaargh Staying Over
Matias Aguayo Rollerskate Ay Ay Ay
Sandra Boynton Meryl Streep / Nobody Understands Me Philadelphia Chickens
Richard Dyer-Bennet The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington Volume 2
Sally Rogers Ride, Ride, Ranke At Quiet O'Clock
Dinorock Tina Titanosaurus Tango, The Dreamosaurus
The Singing Kettle Buy Me a Banana Singalong Songs from Scotland
Wee Hairy Beasties Eat Your Greens PSA Holidays Gone Crazy
World Patrol Kids Hazardous Wastes The Kids Shop
Oscar Brand Them Doggoned Cats I Love Cats
Rock & Roll Dad and the MammaJammaz Busy Bee Ready to Roll
Mike Cross Peter Piper Michael's Magic Music Box
Bedtime Songs Bob McGrath / See You Tomorrow Bedtime Songs
James Coffey Dust Bunny Animal Groove
Bozo & Pals Here Comes Bozo the Clown Get Down With the Clown
Dan Zanes and Friends Sunny Old Sun House Party
The Animal Band Paper Pilot Uncaged
Alan Bell and Alex Mitnick Great Grey Elephant Animals We Dream
Kevin_Anthony Turn Around Bright Ideas' Best!
Jim Henson Kermit / Rainbow Connection The Muppet Movie
Not Exactly Lobsters We're Not Exactly Lobsters Not Exactly Lobsters
Daria Beautiful Rainbow World I Have a Dream
Bill Harley When You Don't Know What It Is You're In Trouble
Anne Dodson The Woodchuck Song Almost Grown
Cedella Marley Booker De Buggy Bruk Smilin' Island Of Song