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Guida /

Time Artist Track Album
Magrudergrind The Protocols of Anti-Sound Magrudergrind
Wormrot All Go No Emo Dirge
Creative Waste Opposing Reality Cruelty Beyond Recognition
Napalm Death Caught in a Dream Scum
Fuck the Facts Medicated Like a Motherfucker Collection of Splits 2002-2004
Creative Waste Mind Pollution Cruelty Beyond Recognition
Converge Hellbound No Heroes
Captain Cleanoff gore grind thrush attack Symphonies of Slackness
Brutal Truth Fist in Mouth Evolution Through Revolution
Cephalic Carnage Fortuitous Oddity Lucid Interval
Anal Cunt I Don't Want to DANCE!!!!! Morbid Florist
Napalm Death Private Death From Enslavement to Oblteration
Circle of Dead Children Chaos Crawls Back Psalm of the Grand Destroyer
Rotten Sound Controlled Mind Under Pressure
Circle of Dead Children Earth and Lye Psalm of the Grand Destroyer
Wormrot Freedom to Act Abuse
Insect Warfare Street Sweeper World Extermination
Phobia So Full of Hate Cruel
Nasum The Engine of Death Shift
The Locust Live from the Russian Compound Plaguesoundscapes
Venomous Infest Retroactive Abortion
Screaming Afterbirth High on STDs Split
Phobia Hitler Killa! Return to Desolation
Pig Destroyer Cheerleader Corpses Prowler in the Yard
Napalm Death Life? Scum
Anal Cunt Grindcore is Very Terffifying Everyone Should Be Killed
Last Days of Humanity Lots of good songs Putrefaction in Progress
Terrorizer Fear of Napalm World Downfall
Venomous Concept Toxic Kiss Poisoned Apple
Regurgitate Cocoon of Filth Sickining Bliss
Pig Destroyer Evacuating Heaven Prowler in the Yard
Assuck Thousand Mile Stare Sound Pollution
Regurgitate Reborn in Latrininc Ecstasy Sickining Bliss
Insect Warfare Necessary Death World Extermination
Assuck Procession Sound Pollution
Last Days of Humanity more songs Putrefaction in Progress
Fuck the Facts Born to Kill Live to Thrill Collection of Splits 2002-2004
Anal Cunt Some Songs Everyone Should Be Killed
Magrudergrind Heretics Magrudergrind
Converge Sacrifice No Heroes
Wormrot Meteor to the Face Dirge
Phobia Get the FUCK OUT!!!!! Cruel
Brutal Truth Everflow Kill Trend Suicide
Rotten Sound Strongman Still Psycho
Pig Destroyer Intro Terrifyer
Pig Destroyer Pretty in casts Terrifyer
Pig Destroyer Boy Constrictor Terrifyer
Circle of Dead Children From Eros to Thanotos The Genocide Machine
Rotten Sound Disinterest Still Psycho
Nasum Fatal Search Human 2.0
Magrudergrind Built to Blast Magrudergrind
Premonitions of War Night Soil Left in Kowloon
Nasum Parting is such sweet sorrow Human 2.0
Phobia Grind Cruel
Premonitions of War Stolen Breath Left in Kowloon
Malignancy Atmospehere of Decay Motivated by Hunger
Anal Cunt Guy Lombardo Morbid Florist
Nasum Drop Dead Helvete
Terrorizer Ripped to Shreds World Downfall
Methadone Abortion Clinic Colon Cannon Split
Venomous Concept Anti Social Retroactive Abortion
Phobia Parasitic Destroying the Masses
Circle of Dead Children Only One Per Coffin The Genocide Machine
Burn the Priest Bloodletting Burn the Priest
Terrorizer Storm of Stress World Downfall
Last Days of Humanity The last songs Putrefaction in Progress
Anal Cunt Everyone in Allston should be KILLED!!!! 40 More Reasons to Hate us
Phobia Spine Destroying the Masses
Wormrot No One Gives A Shit Dirge
Wormrot One Round Away Abuse
Premonitions of War One Constant Volume Left in Kowloon
Anal Cunt Your Family is Dumb 40 More Reasons To Hate Us
Fuck the Facts Don't Call Japanese Hardcore Jap Core Collection of Splits 2002-2004
Nasum I hate people Helvete
Anal Cunt Gloves of Metal 40 More Reasons to Hate us
Venomous Concept Chaos! Poisoned Apple
Brutal Truth Black Door Mine Need to Control
Misery Index Traitors Traitors
Circle of Dead Children Beethoven's Children The Genocide Machine
Pathogenesis G13 Demo