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Time Artist Track Album
Dreamchair Music Devil Knockin' at My Door Creek's Risin'
Sesame Street Me Gusta (I Like It) Fiesta Songs!
Bedtime Songs Fred Penner / A Wish To Grow O Bedtime Songs
Oscar Brand Cat Rap I Love Cats
Jessica Harper Mama's Kitchen Nora's Room
Maria Muldaur The Story Book Ball On the Sunny Side
Not Exactly Lobsters The Life of a Telephone Not Exactly Lobsters
Wee Hairy Beasties Eat Your Greens PSA Holidays Gone Crazy
Anne Dodson The Woodchuck Song Almost Grown
Arthur and Friends Arthur vs. the Piano The First Almost Real Not Live
Disney Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) Classic Disney Volume V
Peter Alsop Animal Crackers Take Me With You!
Louis Armstrong Heigh-Ho (The Dwarfs' Marching Disney Songs The Satchmo Way
All Together Now Love Me Do Beatles Songs for Kids of All Ages
Sally Rogers Piri-Miri-Dictum Comini What Can One Little Person Do
Sandra Boynton Rhinoceros Tap Rhinoceros Tap
Teletubbies Ships Teletubbies: The Album
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman Hot Corn, Cold Corn Not For Kids Only
Beat Box Bears Jump Around Blasting Off
Richard Dyer-Bennet Old Bangum Dyer-Bennet 06
Papa John Allee Love's Lullaby For All the Children
Oscar the Grouch Love in the Junkyard Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
Big Jeff A New Way To Say Hello Exercise Party
Theresa Dissuno, D.V.M. So I Can Go Easy Time
Dinorock Roxie Regina Dreamosaurus
James Coffey I Wanna Fly Animal Groove
Cedella Marley Booker Sweet Guava Jelly Smilin' Island Of Song
Michel Legrand Madeline's Theme Madeline
Fred Penner There's A Hole In The Bottom O Earth, Moon, And Stars
Patty Silversher Tale Spin Theme The Disney Afternoon
World Patrol Kids Hazardous Wastes The Kids Shop
Rock & Roll Dad and the MammaJammaz Busy Bee Ready to Roll
Peter Alsop Gnarly Dude Take Me With You!
Dan Zanes and Friends Sunny Old Sun House Party
Mike Cross Peter Piper Michael's Magic Music Box
Bozo & Pals Here Comes Bozo the Clown Get Down With the Clown
The Animal Band Paper Pilot Uncaged
Alan Bell and Alex Mitnick Great Grey Elephant Animals We Dream
Kevin_Anthony Turn Around Bright Ideas' Best!
Jim Henson Kermit / Rainbow Connection The Muppet Movie
Daria Beautiful Rainbow World I Have a Dream
Loukianou Kiladoni I Poli Mas No. 22
Glykeria O Boufètzis Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
Stavros Xarhakos S'Afton Ton Kosmo Ton Kako No. 15
Loukianou Kiladoni Nanourisma - Vicky Moscholiou No. 22
M. Theodorakis Zorba the Greek Souvenirs From Greece
Loukianou Kiladoni Gremos Ke Vrahos No. 22
M. Hatzidakis Piraeus Souvenirs From Greece
Glykeria Tis Gerakinas Gios Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Stavros Xarhakos Na M' Axiosi O Theos No. 15
Glykeria Sth Magemeni Arapia Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Haris Alexiou Come My Youth, Pass Di Efchon (With Blessings)
Loukianou Kiladoni Dekapede Tou Alonari No. 22
Stavros Xarhakos O Keros Alazi No. 15
Stavros Xarhakos Vale Ki Alo Piato Sto Trapezi No. 15
Nena Venetsanou The Tavern's Minor Zeibekiko
AR. Kaldaras Ena Tragoudi Apo T'Algeri Laika Repetika
Glykeria Omorfi Thessaloniki Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
I. Papapaioannou - E. Griparis Faliriotissa Laika Repetika
Nena Venetsanou The Children of Your Neighborhood Zeibekiko
Loukianou Kiladoni I Fotographia No. 22
Dante Aman Music World GREECE
P. Toudas Garsona Laika Repetika
Nena Venetsanou I'm On My Way To You Zeibekiko
Glykeria Mou Proxenevoun Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
Glykeria Tik-Tik-Tak Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Nena Venetsanou I Was Born To Be In Pain Zeibekiko
Glykeria Dilitirio Sti Fleva Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
AP. Hatzihristos Vaggelio Den Ise Edaxi Laika Repetika
Stavros Xarhakos O Kavouras No. 15
Glykeria Mystiko Va to Exeis Prepei Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Stavros Xarhakos Ti Na Tin Kanis Ti Zoi No. 15
Stavros Xarhakos Ta Dakria Moy Ine Kafta No. 15
Stavros Xarhakos Soudossa Daiziyo No. 15
Glykeria Apopse Kerna Me Na Pio Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
Loukianou Kiladoni Psalmos No. 22
Nena Venetsanou Stick Around and Listen To This Stroke Zeibekiko
Stavros Xarhakos Oniro Demeno No. 15
Wiretree Makeup Make Up
Veronica Falls Bad Feeling Veronica Falls
Brian Eno with Rick Holland Bless This Space Drums Between The Bells
Idiot Glee All Packed Up Paddywhack
Joanna Newsom Occident Have One on Me (CD2)