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Symphonies of Sickness /

Time Artist Track Album
Human Infection Creations Obscured Infest to Ingest
Craft The Ground Surrenders Void
YOB Kosmos The Unreal Never Lived
Death Out of Touch Individual Thought Patterns
Gorguts Orphans of Sickness The Erostion of Sanity
Uncanny Elohim Splenium For Nyktophobia
Pig Destroyer Phantom Limb Phantom Limb
Napalm Death Sacrificed Scum
Toxic Holocaust Endless Armageddon An Overdose of Death
Cro-Mags Apocalypse Now Alpha Omega
Impiety Lords of Apocalypse Skullfucking Armageddon
Danzig When Death Had No Name The Lost Tracks of Danzig
Devourment Deflesh the Abducted Unleash the Carnivore
Deicide Serpent of the Light Serpents of the Light
Decrepitaph Beyond the Cursed Tombs Beyond the Cursed Tombs
Deathevokation The Chalice of Ages The Chalice of Ages
Type O Negative Stay out of my Dreams The Least Worst Of
Richard Jesse Project Intro Attack of the Killer Ringworm
Fuck Them Facts This Means Nothing Collection of Splits 2002-2004
Disincarnate In Sufferance Dream of the Carrion Kind
Behemoth The Nelphilim Rising Demigod
Blut Aus Nord The Supreme Abstract The Work Which Transforms God
Blut Aus Nord Blessed Frozen Cells The Work Which Transforms God
Burzum Snu Mikrokosmos Teg Det Som Engang Var
Tombs Filed with Secrets Winterhours
Bongripper Worship Satan Worshipping Doom
Disembowelment A Burial at Ornans Dusk