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Ian Moore /

Time Artist Track Album
The Ocean Killing the Flies Aeolian
Celtic Frost Domain of Decay Monotheist
Carcass This Mortal Coil Heartwork
Cianide The Suffering The Dying Truth
Osiva Lifeless Riot Level
Kataklysm The Chains of Power Prevail
Slayer Postmortem Reign in Blood
Slayer Raining Blood Reign in Blood
Bazooka Dawn of the Assault Toxic Warriors
Torture Whips Pt. 1 Storm Alert
The Ziggurat The Flaw in Dimensional Design Beyond the Threshold of Reality
Loudness Esper Rockshocks
Jeff Loomis Opulent Maelstrom Zero Order Phase
Machine Head Beautiful Mourning The Blackening
Lion's Share Demon in Your Mind Dark Hours
Dio Eat Your Heart Out The Last In Line
Into Eternity Diagnosis Terminal The Incurable Tragedy
Death Mentally Blind Individual Thought Patterns
Suffocation Abomination Reborn Suffocation
Cephalic Carnage Pseudo Lucid Interval
Burnt by the Sun Lizard-Skin Barbie Burnt by the Sun
Pathogenesis Confined Suffering Pathogenesis
Resurrection Torture Chamber Embalmed Existence
Impaled Nazarene Tentacles of the Octagon Road to the Octagon
Belfegor The Master of the Beginning The Kingdom of Glacial Palaces
Behemoth Demigod Demigod
Six Feet Under Zombie Executioner Commandment
Torture Killer A Funeral for the Masses Swarm!
Skeletal Earth You Really Got Me Eulogy for a Dying Fetus
Exhumed Through Cadaver Eyes All Guts, No Glory
Isis Stone To Wake A Serpent Wavering Radiant
Swarm of the Lotus Snowbeast The Sirens of Silence
Crowbar High Rate Extinction Crowbar
Russian Circles Death Rides a Horse Enter
Baroness Wanderlust The Red Album
Carnal Forge Exploding Veins Aren't You Dead Yet?
Warbringer Savagery Worlds Torn Asunderq
Dismember Legion Dismember
Pig Destroyer Alexandria Phantom Limb
Screaming Afterbirth Sphincrtral Medusa of Tapeworms Methadone Abortion Clinic / Screaming Afterbirth Split
Bloodgasm Invoke the Suffering Bloodgasm
Methadone Abortion Clinic Dildozer Methadone Abortion Clinic / Screaming Afterbirth Split
Satyricon Havoc Vulture Rebel Extravaganza
Insect Warfare Street Sweeper World Extermination
Disgorge (Mex) The Vile Sores in Urtieariathrgcisisun Goulashed Decrepitance Chronic Corpora Infest