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Time Artist Track Album
Behold...the Arctopus Skullgrid Skullgrid
Impaled Up the Dose The Last Gasp
Sepultura Dead Embryonic Cells Arise
Iron Maiden Aces High Powerslave
Immolation Fall From a High Place Close to a World Below
Pestilence Spheres Spheres
Gorguts Condemned to Obscurity The Erosion of Sanity
Dying Fetus Schematics Stop At Nothing
Cephalic Carnage G.lobal O.verhaul D.evice XENOSAPIEN
Carcass Death Certificate Heartwork
Burzum Ea, Lord of the Deeps Burzum
Gorerotted Her Gash Only Tools and Corpses
Acid Bath Jezebel When the Kite String Pops
Meshuggah Straws Pulled at Random Nothing (Re-release)
Pig Destroyer Piss Angel Prowler in the Yard
Eyehategod Ruptured Heart Theory Dopesick
Pathogenesis G13 Metastasis
Brutal Truth Ordinary Madness Need to Control
Pathogenesis Sam, I Hate Metastasis
Human Infection Unspeakable Acts of Violence 8/2011 Release
The Ziggurat Eulogy of Progress Beyond the Threshold of Reality
Mayhem Necrolust Mediolanu M Capto Est
Malignancy Motivated by Hunger Motivated by Hunger
Pathogenesis Don't Cross the Shitline Metastasis
Disembowelment A Burial at Oranans Reissue
Malevolent Creation Carnivorous Misgivings Stillborn
Dissection Thorns of Crimson Death Storm of the Light's Bane
Wormrot Fuck...I'm Drunk! Abuse
Last Days of Humanity Careless Utterly Dissected Putrefaction in Progress
Yob Exorcism of the Host The Illusion of Motion
Pathogenesis Boiled In Oil Metastasis
Goatwhore Razor Flesh Devoured Carving out the Eyes of God
Napalm Death You Suffer Scum
Krisiun Conquerors of Armageddon Conquerors of Armageddon
Bongzilla Sunnshine Green Gateway
Godflesh Like Rats In All Languages
Nile Permmittine the Nobile Dead to Descend to the Underworld Those Whom the Gods Detest
Possessed Seven Churches Seven Churches
1349 Hellfire Hellfire
Exhumed Through Cadaver Eyes All Guts, No Glory