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Guida /

Time Artist Track Album
Venom In League With Satan Welcome to Hell
Bathory In Conspiracy With Satan Bathory
Von Satanic Blood Satanic Blood Angel
Sarcofago Satanas I.N.R.I.
Hellhammer Satnic Rites Demon Entrails
Venom Schizo Welcome to Hell
Blasphemy Darkness Prevails Fallen Angel of Doom
Nunslaughter I Am Death Hell's Unholy Fire
Bathory Reaper Bathory
Sodom Blasphemer In the Sign of Evil
Sarcofago Sex, Drinks, and Metal Rotting
Venom Witching Hour Welcome to Hell
Sodom Witching Metal In the Sign of Evil
Hellhammer Eurynomous Demon Entrails
Von Watain Satanic Blood Angel
Venom Countess Bathory Black Metal
Bathory Enter the Eternal Fire Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Sarcofago I.N.R.I. I.N.R.I.
Blasphemy Demoniac Fallen Angel of Doom
Nunslaughter Burning Away Hell's Unholy Fire
Hellhammer Messiah Demon Entrails
Bathory Necromansy Bathory
Von Veadtuck Satanic Blood Angel
Venom Sacrifice Black Metal
Blasphemy Fallen Angel of Doom Fallen Angel of Doom
Sodom Outbreak of Evil In the Sign of Evil
Bathory 13 Candles Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Sarcofago Deathrash I.N.R.I.
Venom Black Metal Black Metal
Viggo Mortensen Otro/Letter From Nebraska Don't Tell Me What to Do
The Humpers Migrain Shack Live Forever or Die Trying
The Monorchid The Warmers Who Put Out the Fire?
The La's I Can't Sleep Self titled
Hardvark Energy Pills Memory Barge
H.P. Zinker To One in Paradise The Sunshine CD
The Tear Garden Sybil the Spider Consumes Himself Sheila Liked the Rodeo
Phantom Payn Days Screen Idol From France Pahntom Payn Daze
Foetus Time Marches on Love
Church of Betty Electric Crematorium Kashi
Beastie Boys She's Crafty License to Ill
Electric Company Come Circa Plenty A Pert Cyclic Omen
Johnny Cash Sam Hall When the Man Comes Around
M.C. Poodle Bloom Manifestation V
Felipe + Forte Anteater Shaggy Black
Benny Hill Yakety Sax The Best of
Henry Mancini The Thing Strikes Mancini's Monster Hits
Hate People Like Us Coil People Like Us
Van Morrison Real Real Gone Enlightenment
Ministry Halloween Remix S/T
Black Dice Drool Load Blown
Cheap Trick Baby I Love you, but I hate your friends All Shook Up
Alice Cooper Some Folks Welcome to My Nightmare
Alice Cooper Elected Billion Dollar Babies
Machine Gun Muffy's Congo Vacation Pass the Ammo
John Cale Dying on The Vine Artificial Intelligence
Don Byron & New Gospel Quintet It's My Desire Love, Peace, and Soul