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Swimming Bear /

Time Artist Track Album
Santana I Hope You're Feeling Better Abraxas
Bardo Pond No Time To Waste Bufo Alvarius
The Bevis Frond All Hope is Gone With You Away Son of Walter
Dirty Three Black Tide Ocean Songs
Neil Young Old Man Harvest
Harris Newman Our Cavalcade of Sightless Riders Decorated
John Fahey Hope Slumbers Eternal City of Refuge
Mazzy Star Mary of Silence So Tonight That I Might See
The Mermen My Black Bag Food for Other Fish
Cul de Sac Homonuculus Ecim
Celadon Sisyphus Has Laid Down His Stone [Wodan Remix] Post-Industrial Delicacies
Blue Globe Beats Out Cast Wild Animal People Music
Miles Davis Black Satin On The Corner
Blue Globe Beats Life in the Slow Lane Greatest Hits
Rahim Alhaj Taqsim Maqam Mukhalif When the Soul Is Settled: Music of Iraq
Anders Norudde Svårlåten (Hard Tune) Himself
Scorpions Leave Me Lonesome Crow
Aphrodite's Child The Wedding of the Lamb / The Capture of the Beast / ∞ 666
Björk Pearl Drawing Restraint 9
Anders Norudde Tvillingvalsen (Twin Waltz) Himself
Bardo Pond Yellow Turban Amanita
Tarentel Stellar Envelope Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun