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Time Artist Track Album
Warm Ghost Resignation Rights Uncut Diamond EP
Cold Cave Underworld USA Cherish the Light Years
Sunset Rubdown Idiot Heart Dragonslayer
Dum Dum Girls Wrong Feels Right He Gets Me High EP
Blunt Mechanic Proof World Record
Fol Chen The Holograms Part II: The New December
Small Black Search Party New Chain
The Sames An Excuse We Give E.P.
Shooting Spires Quarantine Shooting Spires
Captain Beefheart/Magic Band, the Owed T' Alex The Dust Blows Forward: An Anthology, Disc 2
Metric Gold Guns Girls Fantasies
Dirty Projectors + Björk Beautiful Mother Mount Wittenberg Orca
Ladytron Melting Ice Gravity The Seducer
Maps Everything is Shattering Turning the Mind
Gang of Four Do As I Say Content
The Besnard Lakes Glass Printer The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
!!! Even Judas Gave Jesus a Kiss Strange Weather, Isn't It?
Broken Social Scene Major Label Debut [Fast] Broken Social Scene [Bonus EP]
Neutral Milk Hotel Where You'll Find Me Now On Avery Island
The Apples in Stereo Dream About the Future Travelers in Space and Time
Twin Sister Lady DayDream Color Your Life
Oxford Collapse Bobby V. Oxford Collapse EP
The McCarthy/Young Experience Privy Nothing Gold Stays