Playlist Archive


Time Artist Track Album
The Velvet Underground Who Loves the Sun Loaded
Joni Mitchell The Jungle Line The Hissing of Summer Lawns
Gary Numan Are You Real? Tubeway Army
Shoukichi Kina Celebration Peppermint Tea House
Shriekback Evaporation The Infinite
The Red Krayola Pessimisty The Red Krayola
Devendra Banhart 16th and Valencia Roxy Music What Will We Be
Todd Rundgren Determination Todd Rundgren
Smog The Weightlifter Sewn to the Sky
Julian Cope I Come From Another Planet, Baby Interpreter
Pete Shelley Homosapien Homosapien
The Swans Reeling the Liars In My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
Guided by Voices Captain's Dead Devil Between My Toes
The Smiths I Want the One I Can't Have Meat is Murder
Gang Gang Dance Adult Goth Eye Contact
The Cramps Sunglasses After Dark Songs the Lord Taught Us
Ken Nordine Green Colors
The Jazz Butcher Partytime Bloody Nonsense
The Knitters Poor Little Critter in the Road Poor Little Critter in the Road
K.D. Lang Down to My Last Cigarette Shadowlands
Joe Strummer and the Latino Rockabilly War Trash City Permanent Record sountrack
Killing Joke Blood on Your Hands Killing Joke
The Tear Garden Hyperform The Last Man to Fly
Siouxie and the Banshees Turn to Stone Peepshow
The Swans Goddamn the Sun Various Failures 1988-1992
Steve Gunn Mr. Franklin Boerum Palace
Ken Nordine Yellow Colors
Casper and the Cookies Cloud of Bees Modern Silence
John's Children Desdemona Rare Tracks
Annette Peacock Real and Defined Androgens X-Dreams
Tyrannosaurus Rex The Seal of Seasons Unicorn
Thomas Dolby Airwaves The Golden Age of Wireless
Julian Cope The Battle for the Trees Interpreter
Billy Bragg The Warmest Room Talking to the Taxman About Poetry