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Marcus Oliver /

Time Artist Track Album
Replacements Unsatisfied Let It Be
Replacements Bastards of Young Tim
My Bloody Valentine Soon Loveless
Minor Threat Seeing Red Complete Discography
Sonic Youth Diamond Sea Washing Machine
The Minutemen Corona / Glory of Man Double Nickels on the Dime
No Luck Club Our Story Prosperity 2.0
Gojira Adoration for None The Way of All Flesh
Foreigner Starrider Foreigner
Jega Recursion Geometry
The Cure Jumping Someone Else's Train / A Forest Standing on a Beach: The Singles
Menace Ruine The die is Cast The Die is Cast
Squarepusher Papalon Hard Normal Daddy
Midnight I Am Violator Complete and Total Fucking Midnight
Sugarcubes Motorcrash Life's Too Good
Middian The Blood of Icons Age Eternal
Photek The Hidden Camera Modus Operandi
Eyes of Fire Falling Apart Prisons
Jackson and His Computer Band Arpeggio Smash
Cathedral Soul Sacrifice Soul Sacrifice
Neon Neon Raquel Stainless Style
James Pants Cosmic Rapp Welcome
Warbringer Wake Up ... Destroy Worlds Torn Asunder
Fingathing Walk in Space And The Big Red Nebula Band
Black Sabbath Into the Void Masters of Reality
Ghyslain Poirier Hit and Red No Ground Under
Ghostigital Green Lounge In Cod We Trust
Plaid I Citizen the Loathsome Greedy Baby