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Symphonies of Sickness /

Time Artist Track Album
Craft The Ground Surrenders Void
Craft Succumb to Sin Void
Convulse False Religion World Without God
Nile Lashed to the Slave Stick Annihilation of the Wicked
Negura Bunget Tessarul de Lumini Om
Negura Bunget Primul Om Om
Negura Bunget Cunoasterea Tacuta Om
Dead Congregation Lucid Curse Purifying Consecrated Ground
Inverloch Shadows of the Flame Dusk / Subside
Anal Cunt "I'm not allowed to like Anal Cunt any more since they signed to Earache" Everyone Should be Killed
Anal Cunt Radio Hit Everyone Should be Killed
Anal Cunt When I think of true punk rock bands, I think of Nirvana and the Melvins Everyone Should be Killed
Lou Reed Perfect Day Transformer
Disma Chasm of Oceanus Towards the Megalith
Oak Sorrow is Dead II
Avulsed Exorcismo vaginal Stabwound Orgasm
Wake Up On Fire Will to be Hollow Wake Up On Fire
Ocean Monument Monument / Fork Lashing Eye
Ocean Fork Lashing Eye Monument / Fork Lashing Eye
Habsyll iv Habsyll // Aun
Gorguts Faceless Ones Obscura
Gorguts Sweet Silence Obscura