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Time Artist Track Album
Al Simmons The Never Ending Road Earth, Moon, And Stars
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman Hot Corn, Cold Corn Not For Kids Only
Cedella Marley Booker Chi Chi Buddo Smilin' Island Of Song
Jessica Harper Penny in a Hat A Wonderful Life
Louis Armstrong Heigh-Ho (The Dwarfs' Marching Disney Songs The Satchmo Way
Wee Hairy Beasties Yellow Snow PSA Holidays GOne Crazy
All Together Now I'm Happy Just To Dance With You All Together Now
Sally Rogers Round My Lullay At Quiet O'Clock
Peter Alsop Aaargh Staying Over
Richard Dyer-Bennet John Peel Dyer-Bennet 06
Maria Muldaur We Should Be Together Animal Crackers
Disney In A World Of My Own / Kathryn Classic Disney Volume V
Sandra Boynton Meryl Streep / Nobody Understands Me Philadelphia Chickens
Teletubbies Ships Teletubbies: The Album
World Patrol Kids Hazardous Wastes The Kids Shop
Jim Henson Kermit / Rainbow Connection The Muppet Movie
Daria Beautiful Rainbow World I Have a Dream
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman There Ain't No Bugs On Me Not For Kids Only
Morlunah and Nico Gomez Vamos al Caribe World Party - Music for Little Peop
Bedtime Songs Bob McGrath / See You Tomorrow Bedtime Songs
Oscar the Grouch Love in the Junkyard Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
Mike Cross Peter Piper Michael's Magic Music Box
Papa John Allee Love's Lullaby For All the Children
Not Exactly Lobsters We're Not Exactly Lobsters Not Exactly Lobsters
Timmy Abell Kindergarten Wall Play All Day
Ella Jenkins Day-o Sharing Cultures
Sharon, Lois & Bram Las Mañanitas Happy Birthday
Joe West If the World Was Upside Down If the World Was Upside Down
Anne Dodson Waiting for the Lark Almost Grown
Mr. Richard Loopy Doop Tummy Talk
Bill Harley When You Don't Know What It Is You're In Trouble
James Coffey I Wanna Fly Animal Groove
Dan Zanes and Friends Sunny Old Sun House Party
The Singing Kettle Buy Me a Banana Singalong Songs from Scotland
Beat Box Bears It's Slamming Blasting Off
Mark Mueller Chip 'n Dales's Rescue Rangers The Disney Afternoon
Susie Burke I Am A Pizza Sweet Potatoes
Bozo & Pals I'm Down With the Clown Get Down With the Clown
Jack Grunsky Dance of the Seasons Earth, Moon, And Stars
Oscar Brand Them Doggoned Cats I Love Cats
Stefanos Korkolis Vgale To Kragion Music World GREECE
Stavros Xarhakos Andilaloun I Filakes No. 15
Stavros Xarhakos Arponi Zoi No. 15
Haris Alexiou With Blessing Di Efchon
Loukianou Kiladoni Spiti Tou Kalokeriou No. 22
Glykeria Glykia Mou Marilena Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Stamatis Gonidis Giati Kles Music World GREECE
Dafne Olei Olei Music World GREECE
G. Batis Varka Mou Bogiatismeni Laika Repetika
Glykeria To Skalopati Sou Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
G. Moustaki Le Meteque Souvenirs From Greece
Nena Venetsanou The Guy of Votanikos Zeibekiko
Haris Alexiou To Live or to Die (Flamenco) Di Efchon
Loukianou Kiladoni I Fotographia No. 22
Haris Alexiou The Sandals Di Efchon (With Blessings)
Katerina Kouka Giati Fegari Mou Omorfo Music World GREECE
Nena Venetsanou Your Glittering Eyelashes Zeibekiko