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Ian Moore /

Time Artist Track Album
Baroness Green Theme Green
Baroness Board up the House Green
Baroness O'Appalachia Red
Baroness Grad Red
Isis Not in Rivers, But in Drops In the Absence of Truth
High on Fire Fireface The Art of Self Defense
Kylesa Said and One Static Tension
Rwake Crooked Rivers Voices of Omens
Mastodon Hearts Alive Leviathan
Torche Mentor Torche
Bongzilla Sunnshine Green Gateway
Electric Wizard I, The Witchfinder Dopethrone
Worship Eclipse of Sorrow Last Tape Before Doomsday
Lord Mantis Levia Pervertor
Gaza The Crown No Absolutes in Human Suffering
Evoken Tending the Dire Hatred Quietus
Pathogenesis Confined Suffering Pathogenesis / Parasitic Twin Split
Cattle Decapitation Gristle Licker Monolith of Inhumanity
Murder Construct No Question, No Comment Results
Incarnate Deity Blood Red Pure Weaponized Misanthropy
Midnight White Hot Fire Complete and Total Fucking Midnight