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Ian Moore /

Time Artist Track Album
Pig Destroyer Tickets to a Car Crash Prowler in the Yard
Pig Destroyer Naked Trees Prowler in the Yard
Pig Destroyer Sheet Metal Girl Prowler in the Yard
Cattle Decapitation Dead Set on Suicide Monolith of Inhumanity
Murder Construct Dead Hope Results
Vader Fractal Light Black to the Blind
Cephalic Carnage Divination & Volition Xenosapien
Parasitic Twin Timelapse Decay Pathogenesis / Parasitic Twin Split
Immolation Lost Passion Close to a World Below
Psycroptic The Colour of Sleep The Scepter of the Ancients
Suffocation Creed of the Infidel Suffocation
Dying Fetus Second Skin Reign Supreme
Insect Warfare Zone Killer World Extermination
Incantation Disciples of Blasphemous Reprisal Diabolical Conquest
Cryptopsy Slit your guts None So Vile
Meshuggah The Paradoxical Spiral Catch Thirtythree
Meshuggah Re-inanimate Catch Thirtythree
Meshuggah Entrapment Catch Thirtythree
Nasum The Idiot Parade Human 2.0
Necrophagist Necrophagist Epitaph
Behold... the Arctopus Transient Exuberance Skullgrid
Athiest Earth Elements
Carcass Rotten to the Gore Tools of the Trade
Insomnium Unde the Plaintive Sky Since the Day it All Came Down
DisEmbowelment The Tree of Life and Death Trancendence into the Periphery
Dragged Into Sunlight Lashed to the Grinder & Stoned to Death Hatred For Mankind
Thrones of Deceit Premeditated Collapse Thrones of Deceit
Hooded Menace Retribution in Eternity Effigies of Evil
Gaza Mostly Hair and Bones Now No Absolutes in Human Suffering
Lord Mantis Levia Pervertor
Worship Eclipse of Sorrow Last Tape Before Doomsday