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Time Artist Track Album
God is my Co-Pilot Handsome Molly Gender is as Gender Does
God is my Co-Pilot I Hate Girls Gender is as Gender Does
The Giant Mums My Uncle Hates Me My Uncle Hates Me
Everready Weezer Eyesore
Half Japanese Walk Through Walls Horrible
Hater Circles Hater
Halogen Hindude Halogen Split 7"
Mousetrap Fubar Mousetrap 7"
Metal Flake Mother Scratchin Metal Flake Mother 7"
Metal Flake Mother Elsewhere Metal Flake Mother 7"
Hardvark Firecracker Hardvark
Hardvark Hey Stranded Hardvark
Drain Flower Mound Drain 7"
The Mr. T Experience Last Time I Listened to You Sex Offender
Polvo The Drill Vibracobra/The Drill Split
Pavement Father to a Sister of Thought Father to a Sister of Thought
Guided by Voices Color of My Blade Motor Away/Color of My Blade 7"
Pod Transformer Scribbler/Transformer 7"
Hard Ons Where Did She Come From For Mrs. Naz
Pouch Stupid Man Pouch
Pouch Full Canteen Pouch
The Electric Mayhem Little Do You Know Hotel Bruce
The Electric Mayhem 20th Century Man Hotel Bruce
Guitardoz No Money Guitardoz
Minerva Strain Fissure Fissure/Strum 7"
Memphis Goons Flair Soul Mode
Memphis Goons Tighten up, destroyed Soul Mode
Men's Recovery Project The Fat Lady is Singing Botanica Mysteria
Men's Recovery Project You Pay Attention to Me, Not Vice Versa Botanica Mysteria
Men's Recovery Project Tense Equality Problem Botanica Mysteria
Dreams Made Flesh Jerry Great Men 45
Merang Viktor Drunk & Quartered/ Viktor 7"
Mosquito Fat Man Walks Mosquito 7"
Mosquito Oh No, Oh Yes, Oh No Mosquito 7"
Out of Band Experience Warning: Danger Out of Band Experience (OBE)
Modest Mouse Worms vs Birds Birds vs Worms
Sonic Youth Junkie's Promise Washing Machine