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Miles Sandlar /

Time Artist Track Album
Road Runners Every Man For Himself Texas Funk
Beastie Boys Sabrosa The In Sound From Way Out
Kool & The Gang More Funky Stuff Wild and Peaceful
Calypso King Chick Beans Soul Strike!
Poets of Rhythm Funky Runthrough Parts 1 & 2 Practice What You Preach
The Meters Cissy Strut the Meters
Breakestra Passin' Break The Live Mixtape Part 2
Budos Band Ghostwalk Daptone Gold
Poets of Rhythm Plus Plus Discern/Define
Brownout Meter Beater Oozy
The Meters The Mob Look-Ka Py Py
Sugarman 3 & Co Down to It Pure Cane Sugar
The Bamboos Eel Oil Step It Up
Mickey and The Soul Generation Give Everybody Some Texas Funk
Money Mark Functions Mark's Keyboard Repair
The Funk Ark Funky Southern High Noon
Breakestra Root Down The Live Mixtape Part 1
Hi Jack Marden Hill Groovin' High Vol.1
The Bamboos Black Foot Step It Up
Soul Providers Gimme the Paw Soul Tequilla
Soul Providers Freddy's Ribs The Desco Funk 45' Collection
The Sugarman 3 Turtle Walk Soul Donkey
Karl Hector and the Malcouns Nyx Sahara Swing
The Soul Diggers Soul Dig Part 2 The Soul Fire 45' Collection Part 2
Cody Chesnutt Setting the System Headphone Masterpiece
Poets of Rhythm Survival of the Freshest Discern/Define
The Meters Tippi Toes The Meters
Vinyl Gravity Car Live At Sweetwater
The Meters 9 Till 5 Look-Ka Py Py
Apollis What It is Parts 1 & 2 Bay Area Funk