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Time Artist Track Album
Paul Brill Skylight Sisters
Hank Williams III Life Of Sin Hillbilly Joker
Sesame Street Ernie and Elmo - One Fine Face Platinum All-Time Favorites
Richard Dyer-Bennet When Cockleshells Turn Silverbells Volume 2
Louis Armstrong Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Disney Songs The Satchmo Way
Mike Cross Peter Piper Michael's Magic Music Box
Jim Henson Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhe The Muppet Movie
Mark Mueller DuckTales Theme The Disney Afternoon
Donovan Happiness Runs Pied Piper
Sandra Boynton The Bacon Brothers / Philadelphia Chickens Philadelphia Chickens
Not Exactly Lobsters The Sun is Named Steve Not Exactly Lobsters
Ella Jenkins Walking Around in Bronzeville Sharing Cultures
Wee Hairy Beasties Yellow Snow PSA Holidays GOne Crazy
Alan Bell and Alex Mitnick Hummingbird Animals We Dream
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman There Ain't No Bugs On Me Not For Kids Only
Big Jeff A New Way To Say Hello Exercise Party
Bozo & Pals I'm Down With the Clown Get Down With the Clown
Kevin_Anthony Potential Bright Ideas' Best!
Maria Muldaur At The Codfish Ball Animal Crackers
Patty Silversher Tale Spin Theme The Disney Afternoon
Peter Alsop Aaargh Staying Over
Disney I've Got No Strings / Dickie J Classic Disney Volume V
Jessica Harper Penny in a Hat A Wonderful Life
Jack Grunsky Dance of the Seasons Earth, Moon, And Stars
Dinorock Tina Titanosaurus Tango, The Dreamosaurus
Timmy Abell New Shoes Play All Day
Arthur and Friends Muffy's Soccer Song Arthur's Really Rockin' Music
Bedtime Songs Bob McGrath / See You Tomorrow Bedtime Songs
The Singing Kettle Air Guitar Singalong Songs from Scotland
Beat Box Bears Jump Around Blasting Off
Maria Muldaur This Is A Happy Little Ditty Animal Crackers
Cookie Monster Handful of Crumbs Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
James Coffey Dust Bunny Animal Groove
Bill Harley Dad Threw The TV Out The Windo You're In Trouble
Sharon, Lois & Bram Sarah the Whale Happy Birthday
Suzi Shelton Bought Me a Cat Simply Suzi
Sally Rogers Round My Lullay At Quiet O'Clock
All Together Now I Want to Hold Your Hand Beatles Songs for Kids of All Ages
Anne Dodson Lady Jane Medley Almost Grown
Oscar the Grouch Love in the Junkyard Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
Papa John Allee Love's Lullaby For All the Children
Yo Gabba Gabba Of Montreal - Brush Brush Brush Music is... Awesome!
Sesame Street Grover - The Monster in the Mi Platinum All-Time Favorites
Richard Dyer-Bennet The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington Volume 2
Loukianou Kiladoni To Spiti Mou No. 22
Stavros Xarhakos Arponi Zoi No. 15
E. M. Loizos & D. Sitzani Evdoxia Souvenirs From Greece
Glykeria Kato Sto Gialo Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Glykeria Apo Ligo Ligo Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Haris Alexiou Witch Di Efchon (With Blessings)
Stavros Xarhakos Sta Heria Sou Megalossan No. 15
Glykeria Strive Logia Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
M. Theodorakis Zorba the Greek Souvenirs From Greece
Loukianou Kiladoni Gremos Ke Vrahos No. 22
Stavros Xarhakos Na M' Axiosi O Theos No. 15
J. Marcopoulos Who Pays the Ferryman Souvenirs From Greece
Loukianou Kiladoni Dekapede Tou Alonari No. 22
Stavros Xarhakos O Keros Alazi No. 15
Nena Venetsanou I Was Born To Be In Pain Zeibekiko
Stavros Xarhakos O Kavouras No. 15
Kostas Tounas Kato Apo Tin Akropoli Music World GREECE
Glykeria Mystiko Va to Exeis Prepei Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Loukianou Kiladoni Psalmos No. 22
Haris Alexiou Concert Di Efchon (With Blessings)
Loukianou Kiladoni Mia Kefalonitissa No. 22
Stavros Xarhakos Ta Dakria Moy Ine Kafta No. 15
Stavros Xarhakos Ti Na Tin Kanis Ti Zoi No. 15
Loukianou Kiladoni I Metathesi No. 22
D. Gogos Xaveriotissa Laika Repetika
V. Tsitsanis Baxe Tsifliki Laika Repetika
Loukianou Kiladoni Pagida No. 22
Stavros Xarhakos Ypomoni No. 15
Nena Venetsanou On a Moonless Night Zeibekiko
Haris Alexiou With Blessing Di Efchon
Glykeria Sth Magemeni Arapia Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Haris Alexiou With Blessing Di Efchon
Loukianou Kiladoni Kathe Hrono No. 22
Glykeria Me Paresire to Rema Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Loukianou Kiladoni Mi Htipas S'Ena Spiti Klisto No. 22
M. Vamvakaris Oli I Rebetes Tou Dounia Laika Repetika
Stefanos Korkolis Vgale To Kragion Music World GREECE
Loukianou Kiladoni Mikri Zakinthinia No. 22
Polysics New Wave Jacket (Reform) Polysics Or Die!!!! Vista
Crocodiles Sleep Forever Sleep Forever
The Hives King Of Asskissing Barely Legal
Princeton Grand Rapids Remembrance of Things To Come
LCD Soundsystem Get Innocuous! Sound of Silver
Monotonix No Metal Body Language
Shugo Tokumaru Rum Hee Port Entropy