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Time Artist Track Album
Exhumed Decrepit Crescendo Slaughtercult
Malevolent Creation Geared for Gain Stillborn
Cancer Cloak of Darkness Sins of Man Kind
Immolation Those Left Behind Dawn of Possession
Cancer Corpse Fire Death Shall Rise
Obituary Boiling Point World Demise
Cannibal Corpse Disfigured Vile
Autopsy Sewn Into One Macabre Eternal
Serpent Obscene Serpent Prophecy Serpent Obscene
Entombed Stranger Aeons Stranger Aeons
Fleshcrawl Into the Depths of No Return Made of Flesh
Grave Lovesong Hating Life
Unleashed I am God Acros the Open Sea
Orthrus The Summoning Tyrants of Deception
Warbringer Scorched Earth Waking into Nightmares
Godflesh Frail Songs of Love and Hate
Gaza Cult I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die
Dragged into Sunlight Volcanic Birth Hatred for Mankind
Lawnmower Deth Flying Killer Cobs From the Planet Bob Ooh Crikey it's... Lawnmower Deth!
Anal Cunt Aging Disgracefully Everyone Should be Killed
Death A Moment of Clarity The Sound of Perseverance
Pestilience Multiple Beings Spheres
Dysrhythmia Bypass The Solenoid Barriers and Passages
Carcass Embodiment Heartwork
Atheist An Incarnation's dream Unquestionable Presence
Cynic I'm But a Wave to... Focus