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Captain Deaf Jean and the 43rd Vinyl Scrounging Squirrel Battalion /

Time Artist Track Album
Sonny and Cher I Got You Babe The Best Of
Brian McBride Melodrames Telegraphies (In B Major 7th) Part 1 The Effective Disconnect
Bongwater Love You To Double Bummer
Ride Leave Them All Behind Going Blank Again
The New Seekers One Beautiful People
Flying Saucer Attack Since When Harmony of the Spheres
Smashing Pumpkins Daydream Gish
Ween A Tear for Eddie Chocolate and Cheese
Shriekback The Shining Path Big Night Music
Daevid Allen & Kramer Call It Accident Who's Afraid?
Experimental Audio Research Beyond the Pale Beyond the Pale
Suni Paz Tengo Dos Cabritillas (I Have Two Mountain Goats Canciones Para El Recreo
Moth Wranglers New Mission Terrace No. 47 Turnabout 7"
A Handful of Dust His Heart Savage and Buzzing, Like a Swarm of Black Flies Spiritual Libertines
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Idiot Prayer The Boatman's Call
Ry Cooder Paris, Texas / Brothers Paris, Texas OST
Tom Waits How's it Gonna End Real Gone
Cluster & Eno Schone Hande Old Land
The KLF 3am Somewhere Out of Beaumont Chill Out
Can Yoo Doo Right Monster Movie
Peter Sinfield A House of Hopes and Dreams Still
The Legendary Pink Dots Prague Spring Shadow Weaver
Lucky Dragons Mirror Friends Dream Island Laughing Language
Disco Inferno Freethought In Debt
Band of Susans Dirge Here COmes Success
Ego Plum and the Ebola Music Orchestra Ebola Music Orchestra Theme The Rat King
Negativland The Piddle Diddle Report: What's to Come, the Quantum Edge, Fiber Optics, Experimental Sharpness Over the Edge, Volume 7: Time Zones Exchange Project