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Captain Deaf Jean and the 43rd Vinyl Scrounging Squirrel Battalion /

Time Artist Track Album
Vladimir Horowitz Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G Minor, Op. 23 No. 5 Horowitz at the Met
Sleep The Druid Holy Mountain
Bonzilla Greenthumb Gateway
Sunn 0))) Masks the AEtmospheres Domkirke
Alvin Lucier I Am Sitting in a Room I Am Sitting in a Room
Rhys Chatham Prelude Die Donnergotter / An Angel Moves Too Fast to See
Naked City The Blade / Gob of Spit Torture Garden
Carl Weingarten, Gale Ormiston, and Phil Neon Layers in Sequence Submergings: A Study in Sonic Ambience
Isis Weight Oceanic Remixes / Reinterpretations
Panopticon Bernheim Forest in Spring / Bodies Under the Falls Kentucky
Conlon Nancarrow Study No. 2 Complete Studies for Player Piano, Vol. 3
Dr. Seuss Fox in Sox (Fast Version) Fox in Sox
Pelican Untitled #2 Australasia
The Ocean Dead Serious & Highly Professional Aeolian
Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band Intro and Outro Gorilla
Mastodon Iron Tusk Leviathan
Virgil Thomson + Philadelphia Orchestra The Divine Image Four Songs From William Blake
High on Fire Fury Whip Death is this Communion
Paysage d'Hiver Der Weg Paysage d'Hiver