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Symphonies of Sickness /

Time Artist Track Album
Wormed The Nonlocality Trilemma Exodromos
Wormed Tautochrome Exodromos
Wormed Multivectorial Reionization Exodromos
Death Without Judgement Symbolic
Death Crystal Mountain Symbolic
Death Misanthrope Symbolic
Sufocation Inversion Pinnacle of Bedlam
Suffocation Rapture of Revocation Pinnacle of Bedlam
Suffocation Beginning of Sorrow Pinnacle of Bedlam
Gorguts Earthly Love Obscura
Gorguts The Carnal State Obscura
Gorguts Nostalgia Obscura
Rotting Obscene Metamorphic Transcendence 2011 Demo
Rotting Obscene War Storm 2011 Demo
Rotting Obscene Absence of Light 2011 Demo
Cryptopsy Open Face Surgery Blashpemy Made Flesh
Cryptopsy Serial Messiah Blashpemy Made Flesh
Cryptopsy Born Headless Blashpemy Made Flesh
Negura Bunget Negrii Zirnidu-sa
Negura Bunget In Miaz de Negru Zirnidu-sa
Negura Bunget Din Afundul Adincului Intrupat Zirnidu-sa
My Dying Bride A Sea to Suffer In The Angel and the Dank River
Ocean First Reign Here Where Nothing Grows
Ocean Salt Here Where Nothing Grows
Sun Ra Astro Black Astro Black
Sun Ra Discipline 99 Astro Black
Sun Ra Hidden Spheres Astro Black
Aphex Twin Dodeccaheedron Classics
Aphex Twin Pulsewidth Selected Ambient Works