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Guida /

Time Artist Track Album
Slayer War Ensemble Seasons in the Abyss
Sodom I am the War M-16
Warbringer Total War War Without End
Dismember Wardead Massive Killing Capcity
Burzum War Burzum
Bathory War Bathory
Bolt Thrower When Cannons Fade Those Once Loyal
Kreator War Curse Hordes of Chaos
Toxic Holocaust War is Hell An Overdose of Death
Dismember Bred for War Death Metal
Evil Army Evil Army Evil Army
Bazooka Burning Villages Toxic Warriors
Iron Maiden The Trooper Piece of Mind
Black Sabbath Electric Funeral Paranoid
Nuclear Assault Nuclear War Game Over
Megadeth Rust in Peace... Polaris Rust in Peace
Warbringer Living Weapon Worlds Torn Asunder
Vio-Lence Kill on Command Eternal Nightmare
Sodom Hunting Season Tapping the Vein
Metallica Disposable Heroes Master of Puppets
Slayer Mandatory Suicide South of Heaven
Sodom Among the Weirdcong M-16
Dismember Let the Napalm Rain Death Metal
Toxic Holocaust Red Winter Conjure and Command
Dismember On Frozen Fields Massive Killing Capacity
Bolt Thrower Behind Enemy Lines Mercenary
Hexen Blast Radius State of Insurgency
Dying Fetus One Shot, One Kill Stop At Nothing
Exodus Children of a Worthless God Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A
Municipal Waste Relentless Threat Massive Aggressive
Slayer The Final Command Show No Mercy
Sodom Bombenhagel Persecution Mania
Iron Maiden Aces High Powerslave
Toxic Holocaust Death From Above An Overdose of Death
Sodom Ausgebombt Agent Orange
Bazooka The Airborne Troops of Death Toxic Warriors
Iron Maiden Where Eagles Dare Piece Of Mind
Evil Army I, Commander I, Commander
Nuclear Assault After the Holocaust Game Over
Creative Waste War Machine Cruelty Beyond Recognition
Brutal Truth Let's Go To War Kill Trend Suicide
Sepultura Troops of Doom Morbid Visions
Terrorizer Strategic Warheads World Downfall
Rotting Obscene War Storm 2011 Demo
Morbid Angel This Means War Domination
Marduk Scorched Earth Panzer Division Marduk
Warbringer Scorched Earth Waking into Nightmares
Bolt Thrower World Eater Realm of Chaos
Dismember Patrol 17 Hate Campaign
Slayer Ghosts of War South of Heaven
Evil Army Sgt. Says Kill Evil Army
Deceased New Age of Total Warfare Behind the Mourners Veil
Exodus War is my Shepherd Tempo of the Damned
Toxic Holocaust Sound the Charge Conjure and Command
Hexen Chaos Aggressor State of Insurgency
Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls Ride the Lightning
Sepultura War Morbid Visions
Rumplestiltskin Grinder Ode to Tanks Buried in the Front Yard
Slayer Chemical Warfare Haunting the Chapel
Sodom In War and Pieces In War and Pieces
Megadeth Take No Prisoners Rust in Peace
Dismember Trail of the Dead The God that Never Was
Vio-Lence Bodies on Bodies Eternal Nightmare
Malevolent Creation Systematic Execution Retribution
Warbringer Systematic Genocide War Without End
Sodom Remember the Fallen Agent Orange
Dismember Massive Killing Capacity Massive Killing Capacity
Slayer Fight Till Death Show No Mercy
Toxic Holocaust War Game An Overdose of Death
Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal Those Once Loyal
Brutal Truth War is Good Evolution Through Revolution
Black Sabbath War Pigs Paranoid
Iron Maiden Back in the Village Powerslave
Dismember Thanatology Hate Campaign
Cannibal Corpse Barbaric Bludgeonings Kill
Evil Army Ashes of the Nuclear Fire I, Commander
Kreator As the World Burns Terrible Certainty
Sodom Back to War Tapping the Vein
Hexen State of Insurgency State of Insurgency
Probot Red War Probot
Marduk 502 Panzer Division Marduk
Iron Maiden The Longest Day A Matter of Life and Death
Metal Church Beyond the Black Live
Warbringer Forgotten Dead Waking into Nightmares
Metallica One ...And Justice For All
Sodom Marines M-16
Terrorizer Fear of Napalm World Downfall
Vader Forward to Die!!! Litany
Dismember No Honor in Death Dismember
Whiplash War Monger Messages in Blood
Iron Maiden Die With Your Boots On Piece of Mind
Bathory A Fine Day to Die Blood Fire Death
Motorhead 1916 1916