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Time Artist Track Album
Efterklang The Soft Beating Magic Chairs
Holopaw 3-shy-cubs Quit +/or Fight
The Ruby Suns Cinco Fight Softly
Lia Ices Bag of Wind Grown Unknown
Cold Specks Lay Me Down Predict a Graceful Expulsion
Chad Valley Reach Lines Equatorial Ultravox
Toro y Moi Lissoms Causers of This
The Walkmen The Love You Love Heaven
Not available Not available Not available
Sunshine Victimisanothernameforlover Electric! Kill! Kill! EP
The Strokes The End Has No End Room on Fire
The Decemberists All Arise! The King Is Dead
Tender Trap Do You Want A Boyfriend Dansette Dansette
Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama Scissor Sisters
Black Pistol Fire Suffication Blues Black Pistol Fire
The Walkmen Jerry Jr.'s Tune Heaven
Tomorrows Tulips Shades of Grey Eternally Teenage
Yellow Ostrich Hate Me Soon The Mistress
The Magnetic Fields God Wants Us To Wait Love at the Bottom of the Sea
The White Stripes Hotel Yorba White Blood Cells
Still Corners Cuckoo Creatures of an Hour
The Well Wishers Hanging On Post Modern Romantic
Bat for Lashes Marilyn The Haunted Man
David Lynch Pinky's Dream Crazy Clown Time
Ad Astra Per Aspera Everybody Lets Me Down Catapult
Tom Waits Black Wings Bone Machine
Sahara Hotnights Fall Into Line Jennie Bomb
The Magnetic Fields Your Girlfriend's Face Love at the Bottom of the Sea
Gauntlet Hair Overkill Gauntlet Hair
Can She Brings the Rain Soundtracks
Exit Calm Forgiveness Exit Calm
Blasted Canyons Liquid Fiend 2nd Place
Saves The Day An Afternoon Laughing Ups & Downs: Early Recordings And B-Sides
Toro y Moi Lissoms Causers of This
Interpol NYC Interpol EP
The Splinters Brass Kick
These Arms Are Snakes Desert Ghost Easter