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Captain Deaf Jean and the 43rd Vinyl Scrounging Squirrel Battalion /

Time Artist Track Album
Arvo Part & The Hilliard Ensemble De Profundis Arbos
Deathspell Omega Obombration Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum
Elvis Presley Viva Las Vegas 50 Worldwide Gold Hits, Vol 1, Pt. 1
Hookworms Since We Had Changed Pearl Mystic
Loop Straight To Yr Heart Heaven's End
Can Moonshake Future Days
Amon Duul II Apocalyptik Bore Viva La Trance
Talk Talk After the Flood Laughing Stock
The Legendary Pink Dots Evolution The Maria Dimension
Loren Mazzacane Untitled 2 Moonyean
Faust Jennifer Faust IV
Willis Earl Beal Blue Escape Nobody Knows.
Dorian Wood Glassellalia Rattle Rattle
Consumer Electronics / Merzbow Korean Comfort Horn of the Goat
The Cars Just What I Needed The Cars
Brian Auger Planet Earth Calling... Planet Earth Calling...
Dent May Turn Up the Speakers Warm Blanket
The Art of Noise Battle / Beat Box Into Battle
Mikhail Alperin et al. Prayer 1 Deep in the Heart of Tuva
The Beach Boys I Get Around Endless Summer
The Phantom Surfers L'Ultima Volta The Phantom Surfers Play the Music Frm the Big Screen Spectaculars!
The Pack A.D. Sirens Some Sssongs
Sparks Tips for Teens Whomp That Sucker
Holograms A Blaze on the Hillside Forever
Amps for Christ Roto Koto in C Major Woods / Amps For Christ Split
Patti Smith Free Money Horses
Gavin Bryars / Balanescu Quartet String Quartet No. 1 The Last Days
The Lyres I'm Telling You Girl On Fire
Magical Power Mako Music From Heaven Music From Heaven
Mind Flayer Getting Our Hair Done Dungeon Module CORS0517: Expedition to the Hairier Peaks, An Adventure for Character Levels 8-12
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Open Heart Surgery Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective
Astral Waterfall Sleepwalker
Focus Elspeth of Nottingham Focus III
A-Ha Take on Me Searching High and Low