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Symphonies of Sickness /

Time Artist Track Album
Gorguts Forgotten Arrows Colored Sands
Gorguts Colored Sands Colored Sands
Gorguts The Battle of Chamdo Colored Sands
Sculptured Bodies Without Organs Embodiment
UnderThreat The Ghost and the Machine Beyond Mankind's Disguise
Panopticon Black Soot and Red Blood Kentucky
Aosoth Under the Nails and Fingertips IV: An Arrow in Heart
Aosoth Broken Dialogue 1 IV: An Arrow in Heart
Aosoth Broken Dialogue 2 IV: An Arrow in Heart
Suffocation As Grace Descends Pinnacle of Bedlam
Portal Plasm Vexovoid
Deathspell Omega Carnal Malefactor Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
Nokturnal Mortum Nebesnoe Serebro Peruna Nehrist
Negura Bunget Blaznit / Negree / In Miaz de Negru Zirnindu-sa
Dragged into Sunlight Hatred for Mankind Hatred for Mankind
Nile Chapter for Transforming into a snake Black Seeds of Vengeance
Orthrus Through the Prophet's Eyes Tyrants of Deception
Celtic Frost Obscured / Domain of Decay Monotheist
Psyopus Insects Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Sepsism Pathological Disfigurement / Necrotic Flesh Rot / Shredded In Cannibalistic Violence Purulent Decomposition
Rotting Obscene Cataclysmic Advent / Metamorphic Transcendence / War Storm 2011 Demo
Origin Antithesis Antithesis
Obituary Slowly We Rot Anthology