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Blonde on Blonde /

Time Artist Track Album
Brazilian Girls all about us Talk to La Bomb
Field Music In The Mirror Field Music
Rae and Christian Take Ya Time AnotherLateNight
Toro y Moi Divina Underneath the Pine
Thomas and Sampson Our Little When the Lower Resembles the Higher
Indigo feat. Ladybug Mecca Carmen Rizzo The Lost Art of the Idle Moment
Blue States Bare Bones Man Mountain
Modest Mouse Ocean Breathes Salty good news for people who love bad news
Radio Citizen Nightingale feat. Bajka Berlin Serengeti
The Ladybug Transistor Wooden Bars Argyle Heir
Looper Modem Song The Geometrid
Califone St. Martha Let It Fold Chicago
Primus Mary the Ice Cube They Can't All Be Zingers
Moonshake Callahan Cranes
Umphrey's McGee Atmosfarag The Bottom Half
Mount Kimbie So Many Times, So Many Ways Cold Spring Faultless Youth
Radiohead Scatterbrain Hail to the Thief
Beach House 10 Mile Stereo Teen Dream
Portishead Deep Water Third
Hot Panda Future Markets Go Outside
King of Woolworths The Watchmaker's Hands Ming Star
Portishead Nylon Smile Third
Madlib produced by J Dilla Take It Back Chrome Children
Dope Body Out of My Mind Natural History
Koushik Coolin Out My Window
Local Natives Cards and Quarters Gorilla Manor
Bibio Polycoulrophon Ovals and Emeralds
The Lonely Wild Closer Than the Needle The Sun as it Comes
Way, Shape, or Form Hawk and Spit Person, Place, or Thing
Volcano Choir Keel Repave
The Addict Merchants Another Bangin Song Matters of Fact
Tape Dripstone Luminarium
Primus Silly Puddy Rhinplasty
Pavement Blue Hawaiian Brighten the Corners
Dumbo Kids Marmelade Gets Mad Elephants At the Door
Thom Yorke The Eraser (Worst Friends Remix) Spitting Feathers
This Town Needs Guns If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Get Out of Here Animals
Mountain Man Sewee Sewee Made the Harbor
Madvillain Figaro Madvillainy
Kings of Leon Milk Aha Shake Heartbreak
Kaka King The Hoopers of Hudspeth Junior
Mandala Eyes Amnesiac Youth Where My Nose Ends and Space Begins