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Time Artist Track Album
Abigail We Shall Not Await the Dawn The Lord of Satan
Hellcannon Speed Killer Infected with Violence
Assault Necrolatria Nuclear Deaththrash
Extermination Angel Weaponized Evil Extermination Angel
Bazooka Hell Commando Toxic Warriors
Sepultura Show Me the Wrath Morbid Visions
Sarcofago Alcoholic Coma Rotting
Recently Vacated Graves Zombie Conguration Former Human Sergeant
Overkill Skullkrusher Wrecking Your Neck - Live
Overkill Spiritual Void Wrecking Your Neck - Live
Overkill Hello From the Gutter Wrecking Your Neck - Live
Vio-Lence Kill on Command Live At Slims
Vio-Lence Phobophobia Live at Slims
Vio-Lence Bodies on Bodies Live at Slims
Midnight Violence on Violence Alive on the Streets of Cleveland
Midnight I am Violator Alive on the Streets of Cleveland
Midnight Holocaustic Deafening Alive on the Streets of Cleveland
Exterminate Wasted Chain (Japanese Characters)
Toxic Holocaust Sound the Charge Conjure and Command
Terror Squad Disco Bloody Disco The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin
Earthling Losing Sight Split with Valkyrie
Hellish Crossfire Death Worship Split with Violent Attack
Forced Entry Anaconda Uncertain Future
Evil Army Ashes of the Nuclear Fire I, Commander
Evil Army I Must Destroy You I, Commander
Sodom I am the War M16
Gwar Maggots Scumdogs of the Universe
Slayer Fight Till Death Show No Mercy
Slayer Metal Storm / Face the Slayer Show No Mercy