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Calvin Winkowski /

Time Artist Track Album
AnsoticcA In Silence Rise
Echoterra Say, Try, Lie, Die The Law of One
Whyzdom The Wolves Blind?
Evenoire Wise King Vitriol
Narwhal Tusk My Angel In Despair
Ancient Bards Across This Life A New Dawn Ending
Delain Stay Forever April Rain
Within Temptation Deceiver of Fools Mother Earth
Nightwish Amaranth Dark Passion Play
Tears of Magdalena Cut Em Down Myths and Legends
Amberian Dawn Charnel's Ball Circus Black
Visions of Atlantis Cast Away Cast Away
Leaves' Eyes Take the Devil in Me Njord
Lyriel Foeman's Bride Paranoid Circus
Indica Straight and Arrow A Way Away
Eluveitie Thousand Fold Everything Remains as It Never Was
Falconer Pale Light of Silver Moon Among Beggars and Thieves
Equilibrium Fahrtwind Rekreatur
Saltatio Mortis Hochzeitstanz Sturm aufs Paradies
Battlelore Swordmaster ...Where the Shadows Lie
Аркона Liki bessmertnykh bogov Goi, Rode, goi!
Sirenia My Mind's Eye Nine Destinies and a Downfall
Elysion The Rules Silent Scream
Indica Precious Dark A Way Away
Within Temptation Grenade The Q-music Sessions
UnSun Time Clinic for Dolls
Whyzdom Dancing with Lucifer Blind?
Northern Kings Ashes to Ashes Reborn
Van Canto Fear of the Dark Hero