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Time Artist Track Album
Sesame Street Tu Me Gustas (I Like You) Fiesta Songs!
Arthur and Friends Arthur vs. the Piano The First Almost Real Not Live
Peter Alsop Animal Crackers Take Me With You!
Disney In A World Of My Own / Kathryn Classic Disney Volume V
Sandra Boynton Rhinoceros Tap Rhinoceros Tap
Richard Dyer-Bennet When Cockleshells Turn Silverbells Volume 2
All Together Now All Together Now All Together Now
Maria Muldaur Put on a Happy Face On the Sunny Side
Oscar Brand Cat Rap I Love Cats
Daria I Have a Dream I Have a Dream
Jessica Harper Penny in a Hat A Wonderful Life
Wee Hairy Beasties Eat Your Greens PSA Holidays Gone Crazy
Louis Armstrong Chim Chim Cher-ee Disney Songs the Satchmo Way
Teletubbies Clouds Teletubbies: The Album
Bill Harley When You Don't Know What It Is You're In Trouble
Timmy Abell Kindergarten Wall Play All Day
Sharon, Lois & Bram Sarah the Whale Happy Birthday
Ella Jenkins Walking Around in Bronzeville Sharing Cultures
Mike Cross Little Turtle Michael's Magic Music Box
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman Hot Corn, Cold Corn Not For Kids Only
Beat Box Bears Hello Blasting Off
Dan Zanes and Friends House Party Time House Party
Big Jeff A New Way To Say Hello Exercise Party
Donovan Jackie Beanstalk Pied Piper
Patty Silversher Tale Spin Theme The Disney Afternoon
Jim Henson Kermit / Rainbow Connection The Muppet Movie
Bozo & Pals Everybody Laughs in the Same Language4 Get Down With the Clown
Morlunah and Nico Gomez Tanti Auguri World Party - Music for Little Peop
Not Exactly Lobsters We're Not Exactly Lobsters Not Exactly Lobsters
Mr. Richard Cry Baby Tummy Talk
Bert and Ernie Lonesome Joan Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
Papa John Allee Love's Lullaby For All the Children
Alan Bell and Alex Mitnick Great Grey Elephant Animals We Dream
James Coffey Dust Bunny Animal Groove
Theresa Dissuno, D.V.M. I'm Growing Easy Time
Matias Aguayo Rollerskate Ay Ay Ay
Dinorock Shy Kyle the Ankylosaurus Dreamosaurus
Arthur and Friends I Don't Want to Wake Up Arthur's Really Rockin' Music
Peter Alsop Little Cookie Take Me With You!
Glykeria Apopse Kerna Me Na Pio Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
Haris Alexiou Autumn Di Efchon (With Blessings)
Loukianou Kiladoni Me Garifallo Sto Peto No. 22
Kostas Tounas Kato Apo Tin Akropoli Music World GREECE
J. Marcopoulos Who Pays the Ferryman Souvenirs From Greece
Glykeria Apo Ligo Ligo Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Nena Venetsanou Tonight You 'Ve Left Me Zeibekiko
M. Theodorakis Zorba the Greek Souvenirs From Greece
Glykeria Opou Giorgos Kai Malama Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
Haris Alexiou Concert Di Efchon (With Blessings)
Loukianou Kiladoni To Kalokeri San Tharthi No. 22
Glykeria Na Pame Gia Th Voula Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Glykeria Mystiko Va to Exeis Prepei Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Glykeria Thessaloniki Mou Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
Glykeria To Skalopati Sou Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Stavros Xarhakos Den Sou Chrostao Tipota No. 15
Loukianou Kiladoni Dekapede Tou Alonari No. 22
Haris Alexiou Come My Youth, Pass Di Efchon (With Blessings)
Alexia Tha Pio Apopse To Fegari Music World GREECE
Glykeria Volo, Lapisa, Karzitsa Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
N. Ignatiadis Ela Souvenirs From Greece
Stavros Xarhakos Ta Dio Sou Xeria No. 15
V. Tsitsanis Ta Leromena T' Aplita Laika Repetika
D. Gogos Xaveriotissa Laika Repetika
Glykeria To Skalopati Sou Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Loukianou Kiladoni Pagida No. 22
Glykeria Sinnefiasmeni Kiriaki Ta Rebetika Tis Glykerias
V. Tsitsanis Baxe Tsifliki Laika Repetika
Glykeria H Pendamorfi Ta Repetika Ths Glykerias CD1
Loukianou Kiladoni Mia Kefalonitissa No. 22
Loukianou Kiladoni Afieroma Sti Zoi Tis Polis No. 22
Nena Venetsanou Cloudy Sunday Zeibekiko
Stavros Xarhakos Hathike To Gergari No. 15
Stavros Xarhakos Den Sou Chrostao Tipota No. 15
Loukianou Kiladoni Afieroma Sti Zoi Tis Polis No. 22
CANT She Found a Way Out Dreams Come True
Minus The Bear My Time Omni
Dungen SŠtt att se 4
LCD Soundsystem Get Innocuous! Sound of Silver
Bob Dylan Queen Jane Approximately HIghway 61 Revisited
Tom Waits First Kiss Orphans - Bastards
The Sex Presleys Can't Help Falling in Love God Save the King
Beirut A Candle's Fire The Rip Tide
Evans The Death I'm So Unclean Evans The Death
The Sleep-ins Angelina Songs About Girls and Outer Space
Aaron Peta We Are God I'm Not A Hipster
Grimes Know The Way (outro) Visions
The Eternals Stirring Up Weather The Eternals
Y La Bamba Winter's Skin Lupon
Local Natives Airplanes Gorilla Manor
The Death Set I Been Searching for this Song Called Fashion Michel Poiccard
Jaggery Elfin Arrietty Polyhymnia
Short Round Trouble-making Sweetheart Language
Arcade Fire It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus) Reflektor
Esben And The Witch Warpath Violet Cries
Still Corners The White Season Creatures of an Hour
The Capes Comet Tails Hello
Best Coast Summer Mood Crazy for You
Portastatic Cheers and Applause Be Still Please
Sunset Zombies The Glowing City
Maps Let Go of the Fear Turning the Mind
Wolf Parade Cloud Shadow on the Mountain Expo 86
Mika Miko Beat the Rush We Be Xuxa
Ween Learnin' To Love La Cucaracha
Rotary Downs Black Ops Cracked Maps and Blue Reports
Growing A Painting The Sky's Run Into the Sea
Dead Trees Play Your Hand Whatwave
The Black Pacific Put Down Your Weapons The Black Pacific