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Calvin Winkowski /

Time Artist Track Album
Within Temptation Shot in the Dark The Unforgiving
Theatre of Tragedy Siren Aégis
Leaves' Eyes Hell to the Heavens Symphonies of the Night
Eluveitie Thousandfold Everything Remains as It Never Was
At the Lake Live Again Māÿā
Epica Feint The Phantom Agony
Epica Unchain Utopia The Quantum Enigma
Equilibrium Wellengang Erdentempel
Elysion Killing My Dreams Silent Scream
The Fall of Eve Shields of Faith Calls from the Horizon
UneXpect When the Joyful Dead Are Dancing Fables of the Sleepless Empire
Nightwish Ever Dream Century Child
Sirenia One By One Nine Destinies and a Downfall
Tears of Magdalena Mermaid Myths and Legends
Katra Envy Out of the Ashes
Echoterra Genes of Isis Land of the Midnight Sun
Epica Deconstruct Design Your Universe
Indica A Way Away Island of Light
Liv Moon A Wish Double Moon
Lyriel Memoria Autumntales
Xandria Stardust Sacrificium
Haggard Herr Mannlig Eppur si muove
At the Lake Neverland Train Māÿā