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Calvin Winkowski /

Time Artist Track Album
Eluveitie The Essence of Ashes Everything Remains as it Never Was
The Fall of Eve Evangeline Calls of the Horizon
Edenbridge Flame of Passion The Grand Design
Diablo Swing Orchestra Ricerca dell'anima Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirius
Epica Delirium Requiem for the Indifferent
Nightwish Elvenpath Angels Fall First
Savn Hang On (Growling Version) Savn
Coronatus Beauty in Black Porta Obscura
Alestorm Midget Saw Back Through Time
Equilibrium Wirtshaus Gaudi Erdentempel
Xandria Soulcrusher Neverworld's End
Eluveitie Aidu Spirit
Angtoria Suicide on my Mind God Has a Plan for Us All
Krypteria Victoria All Beauty Must Die
Indica Straight and Arrow A Way Away
Elysion The Rules Silent Scream
Leaves' Eyes Scarborough Fair Njord
Within Temptation It's the Fear The Silent Force
Unexpect Unfed Pendulum Fables of the Sleepless Empire
Tristania Sanguine Sky Illumination
Haggard The Observer Eppur si mouve
Epica The Divine Conspiracy The Divine Conspiracy
Liv Moon ドラクロワの女神 Golden Moon