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Time Artist Track Album
Cryptopsy Cold hate warm blood Whisper Supremacy
Deicide Once upon the Cross Once upon the Cross
Exhumed Limb from Limb Gore Metal
Behemoth Xul Demigod
Immolation Those Left Behind Dawn of Possession
Incantation Emanciated Holy Figure Mortal Throne of Nazarene
Benediction Unfound Mortality Trancend The Rubicon
Suffocation Pierced from Within Pierced from Within
Incestuous Brass Knuckle Abortion Brass Knuckle Abortion
Cannibal Corpse Sentenced to Burn Gallery of Suicide
Belphegor Lucifer Incestus Lucifer Incestus
Odious Mortem Gestation of Worms Cryptic Implosion
The Black Dahlia Murder Everything Went Black Nocturnal
Suicide Silence Hands of a Killer The Cleansing
The Red Chord Dread Prevailed Prey for Eyes
Torche Mentor Torche
Cathedral Autumn Twilight Soul Sacrifice
diSEMBOWELMENT Trancendence into the Peripheral diSEMBOWELMENT
Antigama Pursuit Resonance
Animosity Holy Shackles Empires
Minor Threat Straight Edge Out of Step
Zao 5 Year Winter Zao
Brutal Truth Everflow Kill Trend Suicide
Burnt by the Sun Lizard-Skin Barbie Burnt by the Sun
Iron Boots Wardogs Weight of the World
Gorod Blackout Leading Vision
Athiest The Psychic Saw Unquestionable Presence
Immortal Damned in Black Damned in Black
Abcess Ratbag Tormented
Death Without Judgement Symbolic
Bongzilla Gateway Gateway
Fear Factory Self Bias Resistor Demanufacture