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Time Artist Track Album
Neurosis & Jarboe Erase Neurosis & Jarboe
Animals The Other Side of This Life Animalism
Amiina Ruela Kurr
Camper Van Beethoven O Death Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart
The Antarcticans Escape Your Forever Thought Teach Children: Fear All Teachings of Eternity, the Doom of Self & Nature
Rocking Horse Orchestra and Chorus Puff the Magic Dragon Puff the MAgic Dragon and other favorite Folk Songs
Amon Duul II Eye-Shaking King Yeti
Ahleuchatistas Red-Coated Emergency Exit Even in the Midst...
Torngat Suite a) Steps to a Lively Dance You Could Be
Upsilon Acrux Who's Running Shit (son of Destiny's Child) Galapagos Momentum
Atari Teenage Riot Start the Riot Burn, Berlin, Burn!
Sigur Rós Staralfur Agaetis Byrjun
Gang of Four Guns Before Butter Entertainment!
Hood They Removed All tRace That Anything Had Ever Happened Here Cold House
AIDs Wolf Track 6 Clash of the Life-Force Warriors
Tarantula Rail Tarantula
Jucifer hennin Hardine If thy Enemy Hunger
Willie Alexander Tubes Persistence of Memory Orchestra
Disney Hey Mickey Totally Minnie
Amon Tobin Bloodstone Foley Room
Splinters Stepped Block the Watchmaker
i broke my robot Why Did You Have to Make it Hurt? tomorrow does not exist
M83 Dancing Mountains Digital Shades [vol. I]
Zweiss Blacker Than Darkness The Yawn of the New Age
Echo & the Bunnymen Happy Death Men Crocodiles
Tarentel A Cloud no Bigger Than a Man's Hand We Move Through Weather
Bardo Pond Sangh Seriatim Harmony of the Spheres
June of 44 Equators to Bi-Polar Anahata
Child Bite Gudavia Gold Thriller