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Nathaniel Bogan /

Time Artist Track Album
Avail Lombardy St Over The James
Dinosaur Jr Watch the Corners I bet on sky
California X Spider X California X
Sleep Dragonaut Sleep's holy mountain
Nots Insect eyes We are nots
Fugazi Repeater Repeater
Tweens Be Mean Tweens
Kid dynamite Cheap Shot Youth Anthem Shorter, Faster, Louder
Lifetime Airport Monday Morning Lifetime
Banner Pilot Skeleton Key Collapser
The Spits All I want The Spits V
Tame Impala Elephant Lonerism
Ty Segall The Faker Manipulator
Electric Wizard Satanic Rites of Drugula Witchcult Today
Weedeater Hammerhandle Jason... The Dragon
Bolt Thrower World Eater Realm of Chaos
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats Mind Crawler Mind Control
Cough Crooked Spine Ritual Abuse
Torche Kicking Harmonicraft
Trouble At The end of my Daze Trouble
Converge All We love we leave behind All we love we leave behind
Floor Downed Star Floor
Kadavar Doomsday Machine Abra Kadavar
High on Fire Hung, Drawn, and Quartered Surrounded by Thieves
Kvelertak Sultans of Satan Kvelertak
Witchcraft If crimson was your colour The alchemist
Pentagram Forever My Queen First Daze Here
Graveyard Hisingen Blues Hisingen Blues
The Shrine Primitive Blast Primitive Blast
Mutilation Rites Realms of Demantia Empyrean
Unsacred False Light False Light
Inquisition Force of the floating tomb Obscure verses for the multiverse
Title Fight Make you cry Floral Green
The Menzingers My Friend Kyle Rented World
Built To Spill In The Morning There's Nothing Wrong With Love
Sheer Mag Hard lovin S/t
Carbonas Phone Booth Carbonas
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl Riot Girl
Cheap Girls Man in question Famous Graves
White Laces Skate or Die Trance
Sleep The Druid Sleep's holy mountain