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Time Artist Track Album
RYU featuring Boss the MC RYU RYU
Shing02 Shonen Knife [japanese]
Black Velvet Tatiana No namida (El-P "Tatiana" Remix) Lonmesome Echo Strings Purple Noon "Black and Blue" Remixes
RYU featuring Boss the MC Ill-Beatnik RYU
Shing02 No. 13 [japanese]
Shing02 Lady 7 Interlude [japanese]
DJ Krush Edge of Blue Krush
Shing02 Pinnacle [japanese]
Buddha Brand Radio Freestyle Studio Live 96? Kurofume
D.T. Split Crates Theme Music Split Crates Theme Music
Rino and DJ Yas featuring Coma Chi The Word Tour Lamp Eye Flavor EP
Rhymester And You Don't Stop Egotopia
Schadaraparr [japanese] 5th Wheel 2 the Coach
DJ Krush featuring Twigy and Rino [japanese] [japanese]
Rhymester The God/The Mad The God/The Mad 12 Inch
Mystik Journeymen & Rino "Lamp Eye" Vertigo Angelz W.I.T. Dirty faces
DJ Mitsu the beats featuring Grap Luva A Word to the Wise A Word to the Wise
DJ Krush featuring C.L. Smooth Only the Strong Survive Meiso
Rhymester Assassin of Microphone Assassin of Mircophone 12 Inch
Gagle Hi-DJ! 3 Peat
Grooveman Spot featuring O.C. Maintain Eternal Development
Mystik Journeymen featuring Emperor of the Sun Poor Man's Woes Black Sands Ov Eternia
Rhymester [japanese] Egotopia
Buddha Brand Ill Denduomono Ill Denduomono 12 Inch
Schadaraparr B-Boy 5th Wheel 2 the Coach
Schadaraparr Ultimate Breakfast & Beats Ultimate Breakfast & Beats 12 Inch
Nujabes featuring Shing02 Luv(sic.) Luv (sic.) 12 Inch
Zeebra The Untouchable The Untouchable 12 Inch
Rino Dainisen Dainisen 12 Inch
DJ Krush featuring Rino Shin-Sekai Eviction Notice
Rhymester [japanese] Egotopia
Schadaraparr Cracker MCs The Cycle Hits
Schadaraparr Summer Jam 95 Diamond Mix Summer Jam 95 12 Inch
Dj Krush featuring Black Thought Meiso Meiso [japanese]
Lamp Eye Shougen Shougen 12 Inch
De La Soul Long Island Wildin' Buhloone Mind State
Nujabes Counting Stars Hydeout Productions -- 2nd Collection
Grooveman Spot My Mind Eternal Development
DJ Mitsu the Beats One Hip Hop One Hip Hop 12 Inch
Gagle One Lovely Day 3Peat
Buddha Brand Ningen Hatsudensho [japanese]
Muro featuring De La Soul & Lunch Time Speax So Cool Tokyo Tribe 2
Buddha Brand ookega [japanese]
Funky 4 + 1 That's the Joint That's the Joint 12 Inch
Hunger Jappcats Jappcats 7 Inch