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Time Artist Track Album
Little April Shower - Babmi Various Walt Disney Records The Disney
Sesame Street Prairie Dawn - Little Things Platinum All-Time Favorites
Sesame Street Ernie - I Don't Want to Live o Platinum All-Time Favorites
Wee Hairy Beasties Eat Your Greens PSA Holidays Gone Crazy
Richard Dyer-Bennet John Peel Dyer-Bennet 06
Papa John Allee The Legend of Beaver Lodge For All the Children
Peter Alsop Aaargh Staying Over
Beat Box Bears Jump Around Blasting Off
Teletubbies Clouds Teletubbies: The Album
Not Exactly Lobsters The Life of a Telephone Not Exactly Lobsters
Morlunah and Nico Gomez Vamos al Caribe World Party - Music for Little Peop
Michel Legrand Madeline's Theme Madeline
Not Exactly Lobsters We're Not Exactly Lobsters Not Exactly Lobsters
Jessica Harper Down By The River/Bullfrog Inside Out
Donovan People Call Me The Pied Piper Pied Piper
Disney My Own Home / Darleen Carr Classic Disney Volume V
Arthur and Friends The Ballad of Buster Baxter The First Almost Real Not Live
The Singing Kettle Five Wee Monkeys Singalong Songs from Scotland
Sesame Street Bob and the Anything People - Platinum All-Time Favorites
Disney When I See An Elephant Fly / C Classic Disney Volume V
Anne Dodson The Woodchuck Song Almost Grown
Sesame Street Big Bird - ABC-DEF-GHI Platinum All-Time Favorites
Patty Silversher Tale Spin Theme The Disney Afternoon
Mark Mueller Chip 'n Dales's Rescue Rangers The Disney Afternoon
Greg & Steve The Boogie Walk We All Live Together V.2
Carly Smon & James Taylor Mockingbird Every Child Deserves A Lifetim
Greg & Steve Jimmy Crack Corn Kidding Around
Mr. Richard Loopy Doop Tummy Talk
Jessica Harper Pluckin' the Petals A Wonderful Life
Sesame Street It Sure Is Hot! Fiesta Songs!
Louis Armstrong when you wish upon a star disney songs the satchmo way
Matias Aguayo Rollerskate Ay Ay Ay
Susie Burke Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes
Bozo & Pals Here Comes Bozo the Clown Get Down With the Clown
Bert and Ernie Lonesome Joan Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
Cookie Monster Handful of Crumbs Elmo's Lowdown Hoedown
The Animal Band Clean Up Your Room Uncaged
Bedtime Songs Fred Penner / A Wish To Grow O Bedtime Songs
Sesame Street Kids - Sesame Street Theme Platinum All-Time Favorites
Sandra Boynton O, Lonely Peas Rhinoceros Tap
Robert Davis Harry Caterpillar Exercise Party
Greg & Steve Loop 'D Loo We All Live Together Vol. 1
Sesame Street Kids - Sing Platinum All-Time Favorites
The Siamese Cat Song - Lady an Various Walt Disney Records The Disney
Sesame Street Elmo - Happy Tappin' With Elmo Platinum All-Time Favorites
Teletubbies Ships Teletubbies: The Album
Sandra Boynton Meryl Streep / Nobody Understands Me Philadelphia Chickens
Joe West Don't Forget to Brush Your Teeth If the World Was Upside Down
Susie Burke I Am A Pizza Sweet Potatoes
Bill Harley When You Don't Know What It Is You're In Trouble
Dan Zanes and Friends Tennessee Wig Walk House Party
Maria Muldaur We Should Be Together Animal Crackers
Theresa Dissuno, D.V.M. I'm Growing Easy Time
Not Exactly Lobsters The Sun is Named Steve Not Exactly Lobsters
Suzi Shelton Can You Imagine? Simply Suzi
Jack Grunsky Wave After Wave Waves of Wonder
Doug Barr featuring The Big Boy Band Happy Somebody Loves Ya!
Sesame Street Me Gusta (I Like It) Fiesta Songs!
Mike Cross Little Turtle Michael's Magic Music Box
Wee Hairy Beasties Tummy Trouble PSA Holidays Gone Crazy
Joe West My Grandma If the World Was Upside Down
Jack Grunsky Dance of the Seasons Earth, Moon, And Stars
All Together Now Love Me Do Beatles Songs for Kids of All Ages
Arthur and Friends I Don't Want to Wake Up Arthur's Really Rockin' Music
Anne Dodson Waiting for the Lark Almost Grown
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Various Walt Disney Records The Disney
Mr. Richard Cry Baby Tummy Talk
Sharon, Lois & Bram Turn Around Happy Birthday
Jim Henson Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhe The Muppet Movie
Sesame Street Grover - The Monster in the Mi Platinum All-Time Favorites
Alan Bell and Alex Mitnick Hummingbird Animals We Dream
Joe West Robots of Rayleen If the World Was Upside Down
Jessica Harper One More Round A Wonderful Life
Sally Rogers 1492 What Can One Little Person Do
Donovan Happiness Runs Pied Piper
Dinorock Roxie Regina Dreamosaurus
Wee Hairy Beasties I'm An A.N.T. Animal Crackers
Arthur and Friends Library Card The First Almost Real Not Live