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Marcus Oliver /

Time Artist Track Album
Devotchka How it Ends How it Ends
Hella Try Dis... Chirpin Hard
His Name is Alive In Every Ford Always Stay Sweet
Microphones Mt. Eerie Mt. Eerie
Coil the First Five Minutes After Death Rotorvator
Letters Letters Dealer Dealer Letters Letters
Happy Flowers I Said I Wanna Watch Cartoons Oof
OM Pilgrimage (Reprise) Pilgrimage
Polysics Kaja Kaja Goo Polysics or Die! Vista
Mudhoney Broken Hands Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
The Cure Killing An Arab Boys Don't Cry
Kustomized the One that Got Away at the vanishing point
Kennedy Mama Made me a Pimp Pink Afros EP
Codeine Second Chance Frigid Stars LP
Morris Day and the MOTHERFUCKING Time Jungle Love the Cream Castle
Black Strobe Bloodshot Eyes Burn Your Own Church
Boris Track 4 At Last - Feedbacker
Tearwave Dream Bliss Tearwave
Wolf Eyes Stabbed in the Face Burned Mind
AIDS Wolf vs the Athletic Automaton Pantstation Clash of the Life Force Warriros
Six finger Satellite Cockfight Severe Exposure
Can HAlleluwah Tago Mago
Forget Cassettes Venison Salt
Tarentel Hello! We move through weather We move through Weather
Six organs of Admittance Alone with the Alone Shelter from the ash
Kid Koala Slew Test 2 Your mom's favorite DJ
A Tribe Called Quest I left my Wallet in El Segundo Hits, Rarities, & Remixes
Bombay Dub Orchestra Berber of Seville Bombaydub Orchestra
Dragons of Zinth Rockin Star coronation thieves
Set Fire to Flames Steal Compas; Drive North; Disappear Sings Reign Rebuilder
June of 44 East of Boston Anahata