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The Local Zone /

Time Artist Track Album
Nathan Bowles Ship in the Clouds A Bottle, A Buckeye
Doug Cheatwood spaceheater Corrie
Social Studies New Friends meets The Magic Twig
The Sad Cobras Capt. Cloud Fluten EP
The Sad Cobras Coat of Arms Fluten EP
The Young Sinclairs Track 19 The Young Sinclairs
The Burning Dirty Band Goodbye Dominion Goodbye Dominion
Septapus Tell Me Static in the Attic
Sonic Leon Epic Sonic Leon
Sloburn Shine Sloburn
An Easy Friend Track 1 If it were that easy demo
The Wading Girl The Song We Hate Don't Think I Never Loved You
Righteous Friendz Band Way Back RFB
Lesson Zero Losing Ground Lesson Welcome
The Gametes Live in Studio C Local Zone