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Symphonies of the Night /

Time Artist Track Album
Descend The Mausoleum Behind the Morner's Veil
Fudge Tunnel Hate Song (Version) First Movement
Dying Fetus From Womb to Waste Reign Supreme
Pro-pain Burn Act Of God
Optimum Wound Profile Nazilover Silver or Lead
Sentenced The Suicider/Excuse Me While I Kill Myself Buried Alive
Steve Vai Die To Live Alien Love Secrets
Optimum Wound Profile Crotch Metal Orgasm Silver or Lead
Unmoored Solution .45 Cimmerian
Susperia Home Sweet Hell Unlimited
Toxic Holocaust City of a Million Graves An Overdose of Death
Lemming Project Brainnight Hate And Despise
Martyr A.D. A Suicide Note in Braile The Human Condition in Twelve Fractions
Killingfield Killingfield Year of the Zero's
In Flames Square Nothing Clayman
Tanya Tagaq Summoning Retribution
Dimmu Borgir Chaos Without Prophecy Godless Savage Garden
Malevolent Creation The Fine Art of Murder The Fine Art of Murder
Modality The Savage Seas of Krül Under the Shadow of This Red Rock
The Dipers Shake How to Plan Successful Parties
Swans Coward Holy Money
Ghost RabiRabi Lama Rabi Rabi
The Cunts I Don't Want Food - I Don't Want Sex - I Want You It Came From Out of the Garage: The Cunts Live
Negativland The Copyright Law (part 1) negativconcertland
Foetus Free James Brown (so he can run me down) Foetus Inc.
Material Leaving Earth Live in Japan
The Art of Noise Paranoimia Paranoimia
Ysatis, Savvas & Dupree, Taylor Ideas in Every Language Tower of Winds
Controlled Bleeding Crawl The Fodder Song
Isotope 217 Harm-o-Lodge Who Stole the I Walkman?
Brizbomb 090911FT04 0909
Rhys Chatham Guitar Trio Die Donnergötter
Susan Allen Cage: In a Landscape (1948) New Music for Harp