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Time Artist Track Album
James Blackshaw Sunshrine Sunshrine
Naim Karakand Kamanagah Black Mirror
Gong Belaloewana Bali Kebyar Ding, I Black Mirror
Bismillah Khan & Party Shenai Instrumental Victrola Favorites
Vishnudass Shirali Tabla-Taranga (Raga Adana) Victrola Favorites
Holy Ghost! Hold On Hold On
LCD Soundsystem Freak Out/Starry Eyes 45:33
Twisted Shouts Legalized Emotion New Wave as the Next Guy
Great Plains Chuck Berry's Orphan Naked at the Buy, Sell and Trade
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Spasm of Morality You Lookin' For Treble?
Ego Summit Beyond the Laws The Room Isn't Big Enough
Ron House Breezewood Serenade Obsessed
Vertical Slit I Remember Nothing Under the Blood Red Lava Lamp
V.3 Photograph Burns Photograph Burns
Mike Rep and the Quotas Mama Was a Schitzo, Daddy Was a Vegetable Man Mama Was a Schitzo, Daddy Was a Vegetable Man 7"
Gibson Bros. Dirt Preacher Dedicated Fool
The New Bomb Turks Dragstrip Riot Destroy-oh-Boy!
Times New Viking Relevant: Now Rip It Off
Suttree In Ill Repair In Ill Repair 7"
Black Mountain Wucan In the Future
Dead Meadow Ain't Got Nothing (To Go Wrong) Old Growth
Sonic Chicken 4 Sexiest Sonic Chicken 4
The Magnetic Fields Three-Way Distortion
Religious Knives It's Hot It's After Dark
Dial Hi-Fi 168k
Sian Alice Group Murder 59.59
Growing Lateral Lateral
Blues Control Tenku You A Full Tank
Yo La Tengo The Story of Yo La Tango I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass