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Vassia /

Time Artist Track Album
Cannibal Corpse Chambers of Blood Gallery of Suicide
Incantation Decimate Christendom Decimate Christendom
Morbid Angel Summoning Redemption Gateways to Anihilation
Eyehategod Nonconductive Negative Reasoning Dopesick
Obituary Cause of Death Anthology
Animosity Shut it Down Empires
Origin Vomit you out Origin
Slayer Stain of Mind Diabolus in Musica
Napalm Death Life? Scum
Cryptopsy Crown of Thorns None So Vile
Warbringer Dread Command War Without End
Autopsy Ravenous Freaks Fiend for Blood
1349 Sculptor of Flesh Hellfire
Death Sacred Serenity Symbolic
Dying Fetus Abandon all hope Stop At Nothing
Arsonists Get All The Girls Tourtasia The Game of Life
Decapitated Way to Salvation Winds of Creation
Crowbar 1000 Year Internal War Odd Fellows Rest
Birds of Prey Where Black Lungs Don't Breathe Sulfur and Semen
Darkthrone (fuck yea!) Rust Hate Them
Deicide Scars of the Crucefix Scars of the Crucefix
Disgorge (Mex) Depths Carmesi Forensick
Assacre Gayer than God Fantastic Illusions Worth Dying For
Naglfar I am Vengence Sheol
Cannibal Corpse Meat Hook Sodomy Butchered at Birth
Marduk Night of the Long Knives World Funeral