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Michael Secrist /

Time Artist Track Album
Stress Sodoma e Gomorra Flor Atômica
Ded Engine Termination Day Hold A Grudge
Queens Of The Stone Age The Way You Used To Do Villains
Overdose Força Crescente Século XX
Aerosmith Same Old Song and Dance Get Your Wings
Cinderella Love Gone Bad Heartbreak Station
Dr. Sin Child Of Sin Brutal
Dead Lord Kill Them All In Ignorance We Trust
Ratt Between The Eyes Invasion Of Your Privacy
L.A. Guns Revolution Waking The Dead
Metalmorphose Passados Incompletos Máquina dos Sentidos
Mastodon March Of The Fire Ants March Of The Fire Ants EP
Baroness O'Appalachia The Red Album
District Unknown Kill The Beast Anatomy Of A 24 Hour Day
Anthares Batalhas Ocultas No Limite Da Forca
Evil Army Realm of Death Evil Army
Toxik Think This Think This
Dorsal Atlantica Perfídia Imperium
Children of Bodom Bodom After Midnight Follow the Reaper
Gandalf Geysir Rock Hell
Obsidian Kingdom Endless Wall Mantiis
Wicked Inquisition In Shackles Wicked Inquisition
Pallbearer Heartless Heartless
Even Song Serpent Path of the Angels
The Sins Of Thy Beloved Forever Perpetual Desolation
Noctus Paula Infinito
Shadow Gallery The Archer Of Ben Salem Room V
Ice Age The Bottom Line The Great Divide
To-Mera Dreadful Angel Transcendental
Daedric Tales Lament For The High King The Divine Menace
Nine Treasures The Stubborn Wisdom Eyes
Primal Fear Armageddon Black Sun
Blind Guardian The Curse of Feanor Nightfall in Middle Earth
Galderia Pilgrim Of Love Return Of The Cosmic Men
DragonForce The Edge Of The World Reaching Into Infinity
Winger Purple Haze Winger