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Michael Secrist /

Time Artist Track Album
Asia Arena Arena
Rainbow Tarot Woman Rising
Salario Minimo Doce Vingança Beijo Fatal
Azul Limão Fora da Lei Vingança
Judas Priest Flame Thrower Firepower
Black Sabbath Lord of this World Master of Reality
Ghost Miasma Prequelle
GosT Commencement Non Paradisi
Van Halen Panama Panama
Slaughter Mad About You Stick It To Ya
Cinderella The More Things Change Heartbreak Station
Europe Just The Beginning Out Of This World
Reckless Love Dirty Dreams Animal Attraction
Hardcore Superstar Honeymoon Split Your Lip
Eclipse Black Rain Monumentum
Dorsal Atlantica Contenda 2012
Stampin Ground Outside Looking In Carved From Empty Words
Integrity Never Never 2000
Cataract Sinner From Birth Great Days of Vengeance
Benumb Just Short of the Line Withering Strands of Hope
Gaza Not With All the Hope in the World No Absolutes in Human Suffering
Sarcófago Prelude to a Suicide The Laws of Scourge
The Ruins of Beverast God's Ensanguined Bestiaries Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
YOB Quantum Mystic The Unreal Never Lived
Akercocke Unbound By Sin Renaissance In Extremis
Therion Morning Star Vovin
Astronoid Air Air
Amberian Dawn Luna My Darling Darkness Of Eternity
Galderia Celestial Harmony Return Of The Cosmic Men
Almah Breathe Almah
Nocturnal Rites Genetic Distortion Sequence Afterlife
Ayreon 2084 Universal Migrator Part 1: The Dream Sequencer
Dragon Steel Glorious A Far Away Land
Rhapsody Riding the Winds of Eternity Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Ice Age When You're Ready Liberation
Hangar 39 Infallible