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Captain Deaf Jean and the 43rd Vinyl Scrounging Squirrel Battalion /

Time Artist Track Album
Vangelis Reve Opera Sauvage
Carol Hedin Happiness Blues Devil Take Me With You
Gang Gang Dance (Birth Canal) Kazuashita
Robert Henke Signal to Noise II Signal to Noise
Daevid Allen & Kramer Thinking Thoughts Who's Afraid?
Leonard Nimoy Sunny The Way I Feel
Young Gods Under Haven Deconstruction
Ragnar Hasselgren Scandanavian-American Comedy Songs Hopp Rullandaj
John Cale Rise, Sam, and Rimsky Korsakov Music for a New Society
Tiny Tim Ever Since You Told Me You Loved Me (I'm a Nut) God Bless Tiny Tim
Carlos Montoya Soleares Carlos Montoya Plays Flamenco Guitar
Jethro Tull Baker St. Muse Minstrel in the Gallery
Dorian Wood Pearline Rattle Rattle
Windy & Carl When we Were Songs for the Broken Hearted
The Golden Gate Quartet The Sun Didn't Shine Straighten Up and Fly Right: Rhythm and Blues from the Close of the Swing Era to the Dawn of Rock 'n' Roll
Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra Blue Skies / Hallelujah! This is Tommy Dorsey vol. 2
Lupine Howl Burning Stars The Bar at the End of the World
Cloud Castle Lake Koi Pond Malingerer
Spiritualized Harmony 2 / Sitting on Fire Songs in A&E
65daysofstatic White Peak/Dark Peak The Destruction of Small Ideas
Yann Tiersen Enez Nein EUSA
Elvis Presley You Don't Have To Say You Love Me The Elvis Presley Story
Billie Holliday When You're Smiling The Quintessential Billie Holliday, vol. 5
The Black Twig Pickers I Can't Stay Here By Myself Rough Carpenters
Nathan Bowles Sleepy Lake Bike Club Nansemond
John Fahey Medley: Interlude/The Portland Cement Factory/Requiem for Mississippi John Hurt God, Time and Causality
Mogwai 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong Rock Action
Elvis Presley Make the World Go Away The Elvis Presley Story